Error 3007 connection time out SOLUTION ...

Technical Support
hi guys i got the same problem and now is fine i can log in and play but with some lagging :) , i live in sydney like many of you here , and this is what i do to fix the 3007 error problem ..

1/ go to control panel
2/ click on network and internet
3/ click on Network and Sharing Centre
4/ click on Change Adapter setting
5/ Right click and click on Properties on Local Area connection and with people using wireless then right click on wireless connection
6/ click internet protocol version 4 and click on properties
7/ in general tick Use the following DNS server address
8/ in preferred DNS server type in and in Alternate DNS server type
9/ then click OK and restart your computer
10 Now you should be able to log in Diablo 3 server
have fun and cheer
yeh it works BUT it makes you lag big time...
yeah but honestly I should have to do nothing... it worked before, patched to fix problems not create more, unless blizzard has been bought out my Microsoft them situation normal I suppose.
i know , as for us d3 player , nothing more happy than for us to be able to log in back again !! right ?? hehe:) , i really hope blizzard will fix this problem soon :)) as for now i rather stay inside the server than outside :)
hi guys, is this legal? i mean.. i do have the same prob right now.. what can i do?

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