Forging bug - Exalted Fine Palladium or no?

Bug Report
When forging the Exalted Fine Palladium shoulders ingame, instead of the mentioned 5-stat shoulders, I got shoulders with only 4 stats on them.

Unless one of the randomly rolled stats is actually the absense of a stat... please fix bug. :)
You can roll double stats.
i.e. you can roll str twice (low tier and high tier) so you would have 1 affix that counts as 2 props.

If you know the min/max rolls for item affixes you can tell when this has happened.

Respectively you can roll 7 props (so it seems) on an item even though 6 is max.
There are combined rolls on most items, like str & vit, but the str & vit is a single prop as far as the game is concerned.
So you could roll str & vit + 5 props.
Don't know why they did it that way, but that is the way it is.

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