AUSSIE PLAYERS 12/12 3007 cant log in ?

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I am in New Zealand it gives me 3007 errors as well.
West Aus, 3007

Fix Please. Thanks.
12/11/2012 01:31 PMPosted by Stormyknight
yes i also get the 404 error, assuming its part of the same issue ?

You accidentally had the link wrong. So instead of going to the correct URL it was tacking on "/quote]" on the end. Just FYI for the future.

@JuggerKing: Changing your DNS is fine it won't effect anything badly or cause any issues.

Googles public DNS is great and fast(hey it's google) and you can always change it back later if you like.

The only disadvantage I see to changing to Google DNS is it possibly means not getting access to locally based caching servers and servers particular to your ISP.

For Australian/NZ ISPs they'll often have caching servers that caches data from popular websites like Youtube , Facebook and the like as it's cheaper in network traffic terms to grab data off a local server versus having to jump over the ditch.
Can confirm 3007 issue here in Australia.
Reason I came to forum to see what was happening.
Tassie here. Same error for last hour.
12/11/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Asmodeous
Error 404 page not found.

That's odd. It's not redirecting you to perchance ?

What do you see in the address bar when you go to :

is it too much to ask for ONE PERSON from blizzard to jump on and say sorry, blah blah, this went wrong, it will be fixed soon instead of someone else doing it for them

They have :

Both posted before you posted. But before they can fix the issue they need to figure out what the heck they did wrong that changing to Google Public DNS fixes it.

12/11/2012 03:48 PMPosted by vandagar
For someone who couldn't connect to D3 this morning (but is now playing with the googles DNS), can you try restoring your ISP DNS server, reconnect your internet (to restore the ISP DNS) and see if you can log on to D3.

Interesting. So maybe changing the DNS server somehow made your system refresh it's DNS cache maybe ?

Not sure. Will need to ask around.
im 1 of those that cant log in,what the hell is going on?
having same issues
For those who still have the 3007 issue ... Which region are you connecting to ?

And can you post an edited d3debug.txt file on ?

Your email will be in the d3debug.txt file which should be in your Diablo III folder.
Yup another NZ here same deal... glad I found this thread at least, was about to go and re-install diablo to see if that fixed it... sick of this !@#$
Adelaide here...3007 error since patch. No joy :(
Hamilton NZ here and not having the issue.
when trying to connect it wont let u,says ur time to log in has expired error 3007
Same thing here, had to edit agent.db to dl the patch like i do everytime, but then 3007
yep Brisvegas here and yet another patch and yet another 48 hours to look forward to getting a life away from Diablo, even tried unistalling and reinstalling to grab patches that way but then I start getting a time out error on the Americas server. life away from Diablo is looking kinda refreshing.

Your connection to the battle net server has timed out, please log in again (error 3007) LMAO I haven't been able to log in for over 14 hours now and given when we went off line it was meant to be a 10 hour down time for the patch, I've lost 4 hours past my American friends who are playing and able to conduct their auctions without hinderance
Melbourne, Victoria trying to connect to US servers. 3007 error when trying to login in game.
is blizzard aware of the problem?or they just dont give a hoot
Cant login either right after downloading new patch
What happened ? I have updated my router firmware, but still cant login.

Blizzard sux.
I'm in Brisbane, can't log in here.(error 3007)

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