Need monk build advice

My stats are 812 AR, 37k dps, 45k Life... i got life per spirit spent and LOH to a good amount. When i try to do MP1 farms, elites kick my butt. So, i am looking for a build where i can do something against MP1 elites! Any advice from uber monks?
So, I'm not an uber monk. Or any kind of a monk. But have you considered MP0?

I know it's not macho, but, damn, A3MP0 is easy!
MP0 and MP1 is a big difference. MP0 elites i smoke them easy as pie. But, if i go to MP1 then elites give me crap. Not sure how that is possible.
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MP0 and MP1 is a big difference. MP0 elites i smoke them easy as pie. But, if i go to MP1 then elites give me crap. Not sure how that is possible.

According to your profile, you're still in A1, which means that the monsters are mlvl 61 in MP0. If you bump it up to MP1, the monsters jump to mlvl 63 - it's about the biggest jump in difficulty in the game.

A1MP1 is a little harder than A3MP0.
The stats you mention are fine but your armor is really low. Dex (Dodge) is also a bit low.
I'd say get a good shield (blockchance 20%+) and the "Seize the Initiative" passive (instead of "Guardian's Path") and see how that goes.
My build is a really defensive dual wield build. I've put a lot of thought into how to get my skills to compliment each other, and there's a lot of different runes you can swap out to cover for weaknesses in your gear. I suggest shenlongs for dual wield btw. At least as a starter set. That bonus dex and projectile comes in handy as well as the spirit regen even though it's only .33/sec. If you dual wield you really need to focus on getting max move speed and a decent amount of attack speed.

Near death experience is also a must for dual wield because you're so reliant on dodge that you need to be comfortable with your health pool getting really low at times. If you don't have NDE you could die to a bad run at the rng on dodge. With NDE you lose a bit of defense but when your health pool drops to 30% you don't really have to worry much because you can just buff your dodge mantra/hit serenity/use your life steal/potion/breath of heaven to get some hp back. You aren't a barb, your hp is going to go through wild ups and downs, so you need to accept that sometimes you'll get really unlucky and need a second chance because you're going to eventually take a ton of dps really fast and be lacking mitigation due to low armor and no shield.

You really need to work on stacking dex as well. That dex stat is SOOOOO important for a dual wielder. It gives you dodge, damage, and armor. You need it more than anything. Get as much as you can and look for set bonuses that give you some free dex. You'll also want to keep a high hp pool because it's hardcore, but once you get up to around 50k or so you can really start to focus on your dex.

Not saying I'm an uber monk, but I've played monk since release and logged over 700 hours as a monk, so I'm pretty familiar with the class and all of it's skills. I definitely have a non standard style, but my build is a build that you get addicted to once you start using it because every skill has multiple uses and it's super versatile.
Get your dps abit higher for mp1 and youll need some loh,ls and life regen. You need to remember armour is as important as ar.
I take a different position from emitnulb. I am tanky with shield (ehp over 1 mil) and my damage is also reasonable (50k). You can have both, it just takes a lot of patience and AH checking. Unfortunately, every stat counts and you have to stick with content you can do safely until you build up piece by piece.
I'm not remotely an uber monk, but I don't have issues with mp1. Slow going tho with a pretty defensive build. I think elites just die out of boredom.
1. Keep smoking mp0 act3 elites until gear better
2. 45k life is low i farm mp0 act3 with 62k (would be doing 71k for mp1)
3. Monks don't have a skill like big bad voodoo or WOTB for elites, the best we got is exploding palm in my opinion. I use the 12% additional damage rune and try to time a chain explosion so one kills them all. Pair that with sweeping wind and it does a fairly high amount of area effect damage.

If its frozen getting you, might try SSS or dashing strike. I'd recomend SSS until DS bug is resolved. You can use SSS to evade frozen globes and alternate with serenity if needed.

*EDIT* Just looked at your gear, armor is even more important than res all IMO. You only have 3k armor which is why you are getting smoked man. My WD has more armor.

THe way the damage reduction formula works, its best to have armor and res all the same (example 7000 armor = 700 res all)

That combination works better than 6800 armor 720 res all

You could even afford to lose Res all for + armor

- Also I have some left over physical monk jewelry I could toss you cheap good to see physical monks again
Wish I had your gears :l

I'm farming A3MP0. Slow on kills but can take on 2 elite packs.
Thnx for the great advice guys, made some improvements my armor is at 5k buffed, got more life and dps did not drop too low.
But... it says she's dead ???
Go disconnected while testing my new armor upgrades! Lol :((
lol, anyway in case you are alive,
you could test shield with some 400 stats on it dex+vita
some 10% life leech and 6+% crit dmg chanse and over 1000 defense, you dont even need to care for block rate
high crit hit dmg(70+) + crit hit chance around 920-1000 dps.

You can get shield for 5-10M and wepon for 5-10M if you poke around ah for a while. If lucky both for some 200M, wepon needs no stats or life leech or anythign on it.

That way you will bump up your offense to around 60k probably and even survivability up in a way that you wont even notice your loh missing cos of tons of red orbs droping.

look my shield+wepon for example, i payed them together 10M. Ah nvm you cant look this is us server, i am euro HAHAHA. Still :D here
So many dual wielding monks dieing alot lately
Niiiiiiiice offhand weapon you've got for a transcendence build.

Make it your main weapon, ditch the echoing fury, get a shield with high armor, all res, and your chosen element, make your mantra Healing/Time of Need, and then you'll be able to tank the hell out of everything in MP1.
Sorry for your loss.

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