Missing Promotional Feats of Strength

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These FoSs were awarded months ago and many people including myself were missing at least 1 of them. I am personally missing 4 of them with the exception of wizard. I am pretty sure I participated in the event in time for all 5 of them. I had contacted support but was turned away saying that the development team would get to it as soon as they could. Now there is not a related category they accept tickets in where I can open a new ticket. Was there ever an update on this? Did anyone who had been initially missing one of those FoSs receive them later?
There's a pretty substantial thread on this issue already: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5912811832

Here's the last blue post on it:
09/27/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Vasadan
Thanks for your patience guys, we're still looking into this.

09/27/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Vasadan
Since this is an issue with the website communicating with Battle.net to flag your account, it's not exactly a game bug. However, I'll do what I can on my end to try to get this fixed.
I see that the substantial thread mentioned on the post above is locked now. Is there a reason to it being locked without the problem being resolved? I am still lacking 4 of the 5 mentioned feats of strength. A blue response of explanation would serve better than locking it.
Is no one else missing their achievements anymore? It feels like they are trying to make us forget about this rather than trying to actually fix it.
The other thread was locked because of bumping. This forum is not for receiving support or answers to questions, but for reporting bugs. They're aware of the issue, and have nothing to say about it at this time.

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