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we get this crap constantly, diablo 3 was and is the most bought pc game in Australia for 2012, i asked the lead designer of the game to assist me in finding out who i can talk to about even the idea of servers here, Jay wilson: ' I don't know, I'm just a game developer '
aussie here. getting the same error trying to connect to Americas Server. the thread in the Aussie general chat area is at least 3 pages now of people with the same issue.
Hey Blue, Can we just have a update as to how much longer until they come up? cheers
I'm an Auusie with the US client and can't login, so it isn't just an SG issue.
Is a thread in the ANZ forum about this, I've asked Blizz to double check whats going on too.

For some reason I'm able to login fine in Brisbane on Internode and I have tried both enUS and enSG clients.

Is anyone who can't login on Internode? trying to workout if it could possibly be an ISP issue somehow, but it does seem strange that I can login but I haven't seen any other ANZ players who can.

Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Narull's Hardcore Challenge.
There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
I can also confirm still cant connect error 3007 another aussie player here

ISP telstra from Tassie
ohhh looks like just another day after another update from blizzard where instead of fixing the problem we just get told "Do it yourself to keep you busy for the next 24hrs because that won't work anyway" Clap clap for the handicapped.
12/11/2012 01:18 PMPosted by Omrakos
The SG region is still not up yet totally from maintenance. We'll need to see if after it's up, the problem still exists or not.

so what your saying is, we dont care about you ppl in australia we'll just tell you to wait it out and see if doing nothing makes it go away rather than try to fix a problem that effects prob thousands of players,

and also waiting for sg region ?so what you dont even know where/how we connec
Brisbane, Telstra. 3007 on 'connecting' stage.
same here , from sydney here and still can not log in , error 3007 .!!!!!
blizzard what happening , every time you release new thing there will be problem s some where and now we australian cop it ....
Still Can't log in, any eta?
ok, im taking a nap, when your ready blizzard
just adding. tons of people in australia can't log in to america server
I'm having the same issue. Once again in Australia.
WHAT WRONG with the US server BLIZZ , we australina demand money back NOWWWWWWW
same here...aussi player that is getting this error when trying to go on Americans server
And yet another Aussie here, same bat game! same bat servers!
yep, add another +1 aussie to the list of error 3007
New Zealand is the same as AU, unable to connect with an error 3007

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