If you could recover one piece of gear......

from one of you fallen heroes what would it be?

Just curious what the most "precious" item lost by people have been. Looking forward to reading what wish they had back, well back to work for me now. =)

My item:

Although not the best one from my best fallen WD, the item was just amazing for my build:


+100ish Int
+120ish Vit
+% mf
+1500ish Thorns
+450ish Regen
+Lowish Crit amount (5 I think)

Edit: Remembered the final prop on the amulet.

My old WD had some self found gloves that were really nice trifectas if I remember correctly. I pick those :)
Regret I had the sickest shoulders in the game, atleast at the time. they were 250 str 60 vit 12% life and 78 all resist. Found them in like 1.03.

RIP Regret I :D
My Nat's Reflection:

29-89 damage
88 Dex
9% attack speed
226 life regen
and 8849 health globe+potion

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