[b]Plan:staff of herding[/b]

Bug Report
No I didnt read about all known issues and im not going to due to the fact that this bug have existed for as far as I can remember and noone still havent done anything about it.

I already know the plan: Staff of herding. But I still picked up one more copy of the same plan and now its stuck in my inventory. I cant use it, because I already know the plan. I cant drop it on the ground because it wont allow me too and I cant sell it to the vendor or in the auchtion house. Simply put, I cant get rid of this damn thing.

.... can someone in the b-crew fix this issue? I waited so long and now I ran out of patience. My inventory is always full and this bug become somewhat anoying.

No need to answer this thread btw. I try to stay away from the forum. I just hope for someone to fix this issue sometime this year, or next year; or the year after that.
Create a new character, put the plan in its inventory and delete it (the character). Only possible solution for now. Yes it sucks! :P

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