Error 3007 Japan Please Answers me

Technical Support
Im living in Japan and i got US cliente server, how much do i need to wait? I dont have a sure but i think i loose too much in AH- RMAH, please fix this bugged patch before i loose more.
Onegai shimasu (please).
Austrália seens to have a way to resolve this problem, But what to do here in Japan?

Connecting to the American Region to play ?

Try this :

1) Switch to Google Open DNS :

2) Flush your DNS cache :

3) Restart then try to log in to D3
Thanks too much, seens to be resolved :)
But i lost my bids unfortunaly :( and sold some gears for too cheap tho, ah well, needs to farm more and see if i can get a mempo with str + 6.0 crit :)
Thks too musch :)

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