Elective Mode wont let me drag spells off

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Just what the title says: With Elective mode enabled, spells wont drag off my bar. I've tried disabling it, and reenabling it. Nothing works.
Elective mode let's you assign any skill to any button, not move the buttons around.
It's supposed to let you drag the skills off of the bar, from the 5 or so threads I've read. I was doing a challenge mode, and it won't allow me to drag them off.

"Drag them off" is the key here. I know that elective mode allows you to assign a bunch of different skills to the various slots (1, 2, 3, 4, LMB, RMB), but it lets you drag them off your bar too. Except mine doesn't.
You have to have the skills window open before you can move skills between buttons or drag them off. They did this so people would stop accidentally moving them and lose their nephalem valors.
Good lord are you kidding me? /facepalm.

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