Changing your DNS to fix error 3007

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Just change the DMS Terr, Im new to D3, Did the DMS change on my mac, Via Ethernet connection, worked fine played for a few hours.

Next day came back and connected via WIFI with the normal DNS settings and it worked fine.

I suggest changing it, logging in for an hour and then changing it back, see if that helps.
Hmm well i've tried both DNS versions, followed all the great suggestions above, tried a cable (to negate if it's my wireless although ping is all fine) no avail. I'm in Perth WA, using Iinet ADSL1 & Eftel ADSL2 in two locations - both affected by the same issues now.

All i get is Error 3005, 3006 & 3007 just times out, maps fail to load, fights stall halfway through & cant get into my Auction items etc.

This is getting to the point of being useless...such a shame I love this game & D1+D2 - least those you could still play after patching... ALL these issues only started for me in the last couple of months after the update patches (especially the last huge 1.6x one), I had friends reporting a lot of game freezing but never had it till then.
I think we may have to wait it out. My modem router is configured to google's DNS. I have flused the route table in both devices and even tried using my ISP and open DNS. I'm getting various login messages.

I'm off to kill zombies in the mean time as it's all about making dead people :)

Thanks for the advice all the same Narull.
Hi there Narull,
4 WIN7 and 1 MAC could run the game .. The Main PC in the house could easily log into the US server from the start, as with others.

Sons' computer (just installed fresh game) would not log in.
Swapped to EUROPE .. fail
Swapped to US .. fail
Swapped to Asia .. Success
Swapped to US .. Success

My son is now happy ;-) thanx for the lead :-)
Connecting to US/Asia/EU servers on after the other resolved the problem for me.
none of these have worked for me GG blizzard.
12/11/2012 11:53 PMPosted by Narull

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