Why you still play Diablo III ?

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My reason to play the game changed over the months.

At first, it was about the challenge of beating inferno; also, about having fun with friends. Then, after the paragon patch, it was about farming and the quest for powerful items. Then, uber bosses. i.e, new content.

Now, after 500+ hours, I'm slowing down. I am getting tired of doing the same 4 acts over and over again. Also, the chances of finding something I can sell or use are so small, it seems almost impossible. During these 500 hours I never found something I could sell for a large amount of gold or some good real money.

But I am not complaining though. I think D3 is a great game, it definitely worth the money I paid for it. And to be honest, 500 hours is far beyond my expectations for this game.
Because I enjoy the game. I was one of the first to bash the game when it first released and inferno and getting gear were impossible. But Blizzard's improvements have given me hope. It's not perfect, but I still enjoy it. I like finding legendaries (I find 2-3 a day) regardless if they end up being bad, just for that hope of finding one thats good.

People gave up too quickly. I realize expectations were not met, but the game we are playing now is not the same game we will be playing next year. To everyone that thinks Blizzard is not listening to the community, look at how much has already changed.

Sure it might take an expansion to make this the game we want, but you know what, I'll wait it out. Meanwhile I will continue enjoying this game while everyone else just gets on the forums and talks about why they hate it.
I paid 60$ for this game so I'm going to get my damn money's worth is why.
You think 500 hours of play is a good game value!? I'm pretty sure that in Diablo 2 I logged for... over 150 days. You do the math.

I do think 500 hours is huge amount of hours for a video game. Look, 500 hours of entertainment for 60$ is like paying 0.12 dollars per hour. Seems like a great deal to me.

That being said, I'm ok if blizzard decides to add more content to the game. And of course, I still want PVP.
Because I am a sadist .
I really need to get better weapons and armor from all the drops i get. I farm at mp5 and above with max MF gear and I never ever get an upgrade, or even a sell-able item, despite the fact that over 80% of my drops are rares and at every 1-2 hours I get a legendary. I cant buy upgrades from the GAH either bcause I cannot afford them.
I barely play anymoar bcause it´s just not worth it. But if you guys colud fix these problems, I would appreciate it.
TL2 has no server side multiplayer & POE isn't out yet.
The game is fine except there is literally nothing to do at all except grind a3 for what will surely amount to a brimstone.

What about repeatable challenges other than lame ubers or pvp or areas that actually branch off a bit. So far the most branching area in the game seems to be cathedral? The game is super basic as far as content. We need more if we are going to play this game for years to come.

I don't think blizzard planned on this game lasting very long. I feel like it was a quick revenue generator to push other projects. That is an honest take on things so far. I love the game and really wanted to see this be the game of the year but it just isn't so.
I play it because i was not looking for another D2. People are disapointed because of d3 mostly because it's not like d2. I think it's a very good game and i'm having fun with my friends playing it.

By the way what was diablo 2 at the end? Grinding using bot.

And moaning because you didn't get an answer in 14 minutes doesn't mean everyone think this game is bad And posting at 12Pm pst when most of players are at work / School not gona help.. Anyway why are you still in this forum if you don't like d3?

Not really. It's mostly due to the design desitions that were extremely influenced by WoW, destroying the fun itemization paradigm D2 ran on. This pretty much sets optimization as the new standard, instead of the overpowering hack and slash Diablo was in it's previous installments.

That being said, i don't think the game is bad. It's actually pretty entertaining, but the fact itemization is so boring and homogenized makes it lose a lot of it's magic. Combat is extremely satisfying in terms of "punch", but it leaves you kinda disappointed once it's over and you find your backpack is full of worthless trash way too often. Part of the magic D2 had was finding good loot rather easily.

Please, don't mistake "godly" with "good", as many D3 apologists falaciously do. I understand godly gear needs to be rare. What i'm talking about is about mid-level gear that's perfectly viable for endgame content. Think about the exceptional quality uniques back in D2, great items that kept the spark alive for years. In D3 we have nothing like this, which makes the game feel extremely unrewarding. This happens, imho, due to the obscene amount of RNG involved when an item is rolled. Improving the overall item quality (not the droprate, which is already excessive and only amplifies the nauseating and prevalent feel of way too much trash everywhere) is key if this game is going to have some longevity. One can only take so much of weapons with 300 dps, quivers with strenght, mojos with dexterity, monk hats with intellect, and so on. Itemization in general is completely disastrous.

Also, in terms of content, it's very disappointing, for something that was in development for 5+years. Ac3 runs all the time gets boring fast.

Back on topic, i honestly don't mind if the game makes it to console format. Not sure why the sad face about this...
I still play DIII because I think it's simply the best Diablo game yet. If I didn't think this, then I'd still be playing DII, as Diablo games are the only games I ever really play.

*Edit* I just simply enjoy playing the game, just like I enjoyed playing DII. I don't feel forced to do Act III Alkaiser runs, though I do enjoy them. I don't need new content to be happy, though I do thank everyone who clamors for it because I benefit just as much as them, if not more.
ooh ohhh i do! i do!
/jumps up

Hardcore is as fun. Beating diablo in MP 10 is basically an end-game goal for me. =D
Get my full zunimassa set upgrade weapon and get a shield and marrrrchh on!
Maybe because they enjoy it? It's a pretty rhetorical question without too many variations on why somebody enjoys a particular game. The question would have been better if it asked why do you *not* play. Seeing as I haven't played in months I unfortunately don't have an answer as to why I play it.
I still enjoy it. Better than playing Black Ops 2.
I am just starting HC and when i do play SC i dont use AH anymore I use only the items I find now.. but I really dont play that much anymore though so..
I play D 3 because I played D1 and D2.

I am also a masochist and therapy is too expensive.
12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

Please, dear sir, please force your superiors to reintroduce character customization, reason to level many alts, random maps, interesting itemization, infinitely larger item pool, more gems, more rune words.

You guys literally have the most amazing base for a good game - you just need creativity and the balls to pull it off. Forget chasing the $$, it'll come with a great game/expansions
plain and simple.

It is a good game no matter what anyone says.
Its basically a f2p game after purchase so its not a monthly thing like wow.
Its fun and has a decent story line.

Good game.
i think they should bring back monster immunities from D2

im probably in the 1%

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