Error 3007 !!!!!! Can't log in !!!!!

Bug Report
Error 3007 !!!!

It is the first time I could't log in after the maintenance, and when I log in, it always showed that error 3007, could not log into the serve

Is there anyone has same problem?
still could't log in, it has been already for 8 hours
me too
yer same problem
I am having the same problem, keeps coming back with, " you have timed out please log in again Error 3007 "
Same problem here as well. But interestingly, I can login into Asian server with no problem. And "Error 3007" only appeared ever time when connect to American server, while connect to European service, update mention pop up every time even if you have already installed the patch.
Same problem here
[b][cannotlogin message have run ut of timr just started/b]
I still can't log in for about 24 hours !!!!
What are you doing BlZ ???
Are you in the holiday ?
You just doing nothing, I really disappointed for your job, what are you doing?
me too what can we do?
me too, so frustrating!!
I can't login either.... T_T, first HOTS and now Diablo 3, please blizzard find a fix to these issues!
I have tried logging into another server and it works, however when i try the Americas server i still get the error 3007 message! I have re-installed the game client that didn't work. I have no more ideas how to fix this crap. Anone have the same problems and fixed it?
I got the same problem, can't get into US server, but Asian server works fine to me.
i got same problem as well
Are there any response Blizzard? At least let us know what is going on !!!!!!!!!!
I am having the Same problem error code 3007 can not log in to US server. But I can log into Asian server. I am in Australia
same i8ssue here 3007 cant get in us server but can get into europ server and i am a aus player
please help..i cant put up the new patch until now. it alway says wait for the new patch to still in the old patch

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