Error 3007 !!!!!! Can't log in !!!!!

Bug Report
+1 for same error.

I can't believe this hasn't been resolved yet. Just hotfix and undo the recent patch, test it until it works before you release it again, rather than making us wait for your mistake, thanks.

Regards, all of Australia and NZ.
NZ here the only way i can log on is using a 2degrees mobile broadband stick [!@#$ net @ $20/gb ] this is %^-*ing stupid.
i cant get into the americas server. whats going on???
I'm having the same issue as well I wonder what's going on. Connects to Europe ok.. I logged a ticket waiting for them to respond
C'mon blizzard what's going on? over 24 hours already!, I am paying to play d3, this was not a free game. I can't connect to the americas server!!!
can't understand whats happening?
Code 3006 or 3007. What the hell. The new patch has fixed nothing and created a crap load of problems.
New Zealand here, we cant log in either
error code 3007 can not log in to US server
Ok since the update the same has been happening to me...
the asian server works but i can't play as my main character!
i also get this problem from Australia cant connect to Americas server :(
Same as everyone else cant log in after the stupid update get your !@#$ together f*&k server games old school install ftw get it right the first time stop being lazy you had years stop working on %^-*ty wow know it makes you money but no one gives 2 !@#$s about wow...
I'm having exactly the same problem, same as many others, I can log into the Asian and European servers but not the American one. FTL....
and has bizzard given us any kind or guidence at all or this this forum just here from show
No go here...

Good to see you care Blizzard.... you're quite happy to take our money and then give NO support or at least an explanation!!!!!
ive got same problem just did up date and now its not letting me log in ??????????? has there been any responce to this ?????????? if so wants going on
BEING 3 DAYS... CANT login error 3007 again... BUT can connect to Europe or Asia BUT NOT America servers............

I have contacted BILLZARD , they just realize it NOW.....

Billzard multi billion dollar companies and cant even maintain a Simple STABLE CONNECTION...

By the way everytime there an update always Errors...

Dont try to ring them.... 120min on the phone NO Answer......

Dont try to ask money back... They just ignore you...

DO try Contacting the ACCC .... ASk for money back... Hopefully.......

DONT TRY to change anything... IT billzard PORBLEM not ours... They will always ask you to follow the trouble suit first... ( so they don't need to spend money on customer support ) They think it will go away after a couples of days..
i cant log in either
really dissapointed ab that
yo bizzared fix your !@#$ i have been waiting 3 days and still cant log in
same error, i live in Vietnam, and can't log in

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