Error 3007 !!!!!! Can't log in !!!!!

Bug Report
I am also getting the same error logging in to Americas, but Europe and Asia are fine. I have a thread that there is a blizzard agent helping me, we've progressed in to that it's my computer and not my connection at all.
+1 for this error. I tried several things. There don't seem to be any trouble shooting tips for this particular problem.

I still have no solution. My problem only started a few days ago as well and it was a first time problem for me. I recently switched my ISP though so that may be why I was unaffected in previous patches.

I found one thread that seems close about patch looping, but that seemed to be aimed at people who have a problem with the game trying to patch repeatedly. This is not happening, we are just getting a connection problem error.

Another troubleshooting guide suggested it was my router, but that seems unlikely since it works fine on any of the other servers, I just can't log in to Americas.

I checked my d3debug file and found this line

Detecting first installed locale.
Detected: enUS

enUS is the client I am supposed to run if I want to play on the Americas server right?

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