Can't decide which weapons to use

Can't decide which of these to use or maybe use these and dump EF since I hate the fear. Or sell WKL and gear up other stuff more, I think that one is a pretty good roll that I found tonight. Any suggestions?

978 DPS
50% damage
critical dmg 49%
2.2 LS

or WKL
904 DPS
5% lightning damage
25% more lightning damage
151 dex
872 LOH
Just found the WKL is it worth much couldn't find any with same damage OS LOH and over 23% lightning damage
2nd attempt at posting. Internet ate the first try...

My suggestion now that you have two life steal weapons is to explore how you can take advantage of that, particularly using Combo Strike. Try switchibg Guardian's path for Combo Strike and Breath of Heavens for DR:Foresight. Also use WKL and the mace. I find two life gain weapons to be superior to the dodge bonus, and you may find your buffed DPS to be close to that of WKL+EF. You'll have more survivability this way, I'd think. Give it a shot.
2 x ls weaps = ez mode.

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