Christmas Spirit - Gear give aways

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My real wish is to get Hellfire Ring. this would help in the process of getting it i guess..

fingers cross.
I shall update the next giveaway momentarily i haven't caught our winner in game yet but have left them a merry message!
EDIT: In fact they are viewable on my profile!

I haven't had a chance to log out wearing the next giveaway but it is currently equipped.

The big giveaway which will be given in around 22 hours is a pair of boots - these ones favour a poison monk.

500 Armour (+191 armour)
282 Dexterity
89 Vitality
38 Poison Res
69 All Res
17% MF

Same rules apply.

To be joyous, one must bring joy!

Ho ho ho.
What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground Beef!
nice :) gl everybody :D

Nice boots! I'm not poison so I won't enter this drawing. Good luck everyone!

Thanks a lot!

Thx ! And happy Holidizzle !! :P

Happy Holidays
Oh nice, Aerotsu #1176
Happy holidays!
Not actually trying to enter this giveaway. I just wanted to tell you, you're awesome and a credit to the community
az0r #1391
thank you
Nice gesture. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas
Returning monk player lvl60 plvl1 this item would really help me get back on the right track. Really appreciate this give away, very kind of you. Sinasta#1360
They aren't in my profile today - my nat's are displaying as I discovered how OP perma tempest rush is for XP farming....

But everyone get in on it. Winner shall be chosen around the same time today/tonight (depending where in the world you are) as yesterday.

I still haven't caught up with the winner of yesterdays Fist in game - send me a request or accept my request Nicelch! I'll be in game after work today in 9 hours and stay online for a long time.

So you wont see me in game for 9 hours guys but i'll be on here!

Happy holidays.
Great Antstar#1552
good stuff!
Happy holidays!
Ho ho ho!

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