Christmas Spirit - Gear give aways

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Wow I am still in shock. Cayzer gave me a lot of help, answered some questions, and I'm sure I will be bugging him for more information :D

In addition to that he gave me some wonderful new items, which are a big boost to my character. I hope I can put them to really good use, and in the future, do the same for others.

I got a set item, Inna's Temperence, which is a pair of pants. He also gave me a new weapon, Echoing Fury which is a funky looking mace. The items combined raised my DPS over 11k, which sadly was almost double what I had before.

Thank you so much for the gifts!

merry Christmas and happy holiday
Thanks for being so giving!!!
Wow, this is amazing what you're doing Cayzer, a big thank you!
Wow i really like ur set inna set pants, I already got some not so much good cheap inna radiance, but getting other pieces of set at low prices (under 500k coz my budget is low) even with crappy stats is almost impossible. Moreover the would finally have ma very first perfect star gem.
Merry Christmas

Why not...?

Thanks for the holiday spirit...
Very cool of you to do!
Happy holidays!
almost reach 60lvl with my monk: Ryusenka #1530
It's working better me giving the winner a couple of items that help them most rather than a specific item. So I will continue along these lines.

Last nights winner: Casus#1570 - will add you in game tonight.

Get your entries in for the next giveaway!
Sepulcher #1624 Lets see what santa cayzer has for us naughty boys and gals
I guess that is smarter then players picking up item of their choose u should know better then most of us :D
anyway sign me up for todays price

Tricsun#1794, thanks a bunch for doing this.

Happy Holidays :)

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