86k Monk hit a wall, 14M to spend

I've spent a ton of time on the AH but can't really break the the 86k DPS barrier without losing survivability. Looking for advice on which pieces of gear I can improve to yield the greatest results. I have 14M to spend. Thanks in advance!

your accessories need +xy damage, that is all. >:)
Get better gems in your weapons. Two 80% gems will up your DPS considerably (just under 3K according to TAG calc), and they will always be useful since they can carry over to any new weapon you get. You can score 2 Flawless Stars for under 5m gold, and that's not wasted money since they're always useful.

Additional damage on jewelry wouldn't hurt either. My DPS is similar to yours, and I have 500 less Dex, less ChC, less ChD, and my weapons are only 780/800 DPS apiece, yet my DPS is slightly higher than yours. If you change any piece I'd probably say go for your mainhand rare. I'd ditch ChD in favor of IAS, keep a similar CC roll (though at your budget you might have to drop it to 5 flat or even 4.5), try to keep around 80 Dex, and add a +25 average damage roll.

I just checked the AH, and there's a ring with 80 Dex, 6% IAS, 5.5% CC, +18-48 Damage, and open socket, and +5k health from globes (I didn't search for that last, but it is actually quite handy if you're a position-based Monk like me) that'll add nearly 5k to your DPS, and only costs 11m. I'd actually strongly suggest buying it, you do lose 40 LR, but at least you're not losing Vit, and you could probably make it up with the increased health from pots.
added better gems and swapped rings. Up to about 95k dps as of now. Couldn't afford much in the way of +dmg but I'm working on it. Thanks for the recommendations guys.
get nats boots or ice climbers. and get inna's belt... or a witching hour.
also get vile wards shoulders those are the best shoulders in the game.

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