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To solve freezing I moved the MPQs to a flash drive, well now the MPQs are back in the deiblo dir and are locked so I can't move them or rename the folder. This may be to combat BOTS, but it makes the game now freeze permanitaly so I have to kill the task.

Interesting that the MPQs folder on the flash drive is flagged as in use so maybe the program is expecting some new format in the MPQs and not finding it on the flash drive.

Blue is this correct? do I now need to unmap the flash drive so the program uses the locked dir in the normal location for MPQs? Will my game freeze caused by disk latency return come back making diablo unplayable? Is there any way to have diablo move the MPQs to the flash drive?

So many questions, so little time.
Okay I deleted the symbolic link and then diablo updated. I then restablished the link and it's working fine again. It sure would be nice to not have to do this manually
Advanced configuration of the game paths would be so nice to optimize the game play on personal hardware would be great!

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