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I came back after a while and im trying to connect to D3 and im getting a connection error as i log in saying
Your connection to had timed out. Please try again (3007)?
I am getting the same mesage!
also cannot connect
I havent been ablo to play diablo all day due to the error (3007), any ideas when it will get fixed?
Living in Japan, same message, how sad...
Paraiba..that's interesting coz Blizzard claims there's a problem with the internet servers in Australia and New Zealand...shouldn't be affecting you in Japan maybe its just another problem with patching again?
I'm in NZ and getting this message. How long has it been happening?
Sporkin...8 hours and counting...
Just passing this on to paraiba and others...

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12/11/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Selene
Where r u guys playing ?, because im in europe and still got the message that "there is a new patch blablabla... "game restarts and get the same.

The EU server hasn't had it's maint yet, but you updated your US client to a newer version so you won't be able to login to EU until the EU maint has happened so the server version matches your client.

As for those downloading a 2gig+ patch, did you change the language at all? if so you are downloading the language pack, if not it would be something has become corrupted.

As for those getting 3007...still trying to workout that one, its normally caused by the servers being overloaded though so do keep trying.
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im in australia and havent been on for 2 days either with this error 3007,blizz are doing great things with d3 and besides the patch issues at the start of the launch i have been pretty much trouble free except for this time,i wish they would just let ppl know what the actual issues are rather than just letting ppl wonder if something has gone wrong with their computers or what not...........paragon lvling at my lvl is long enough let alone not being able to log on to so thru apparently no fault of my own.......anyway sorry to hear other ppl are having problems logging in but reassures me that its not just me who cant log in and probably nothing to do with my end of the deal,would like to hear other ppl thoughts also :)
also scanners,in response to the 2 gig d/l for the language,for some reason the "english" language i had selected was removed so i re downloaded it,dont know how it became removed so ya.......

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