OK the threads we all love!!! upgrades 4 me?


OK... with a budget of about 100mil... where can I upgrade....
100mil can't get you anywhere far these day and you are in quite decent stats..

if you are willing to drop some of your cold resist (i can see you have ~700 RA with OWE now)..
small upgrades for your consideration:
1. 200+ DEX vile ward
2. 200+ DEX Natalya's boots
3. 150+ DEX Braces (Lacuni)
4. 150Dex/150Vit/3OS/70RA Chest Armor (can consider Inna's or BlackThrone)
5. save up for better off hand..

i am saving up for mine too..
thanks for the ideas.... I am loking for better bracers, but I NEED pickup on them...

any other ideas? My budget is now 140mil
amulet.. u can find an amulet like mine for under 100m, gives u lots of dmg and vit as well.
Your HP and also your directly effected EHP are fairly low because of how little HP you have. I'd suggest taking a slight DPS and resist hit and get a Mempo and Vast Expanse. You'll lose at least 30 resists and a couple thousand DPS loss but you should gain around (if not more than) 10k HP which will make you feel much safer.

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