Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

Witch Doctor
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01/01/2013 08:56 AMPosted by Philantrope
@TeknikEnzo Very nice gear, next upgrade would probably be the amulet, maybe a tal rasha ;)

Lol I wouldn't mind one, but I don't really have enough money for an okay one. Sitting on 8m at the moment. :P

Good critical damage combination (cc + cd), AR and DPS, but suggest a little bit more life. Maybe a Zuni Vision with % life and vit, or a mempo. 50k of EHP will be interesting for a confortable farm higher mp ( > 4).
@rato pretty solid doc you have there, Only thing I can really suggest is get a bit more armor and 12 more movement.
@Jimbob Tough sell and I'm suire you're starting to run into some serious numbers for real upgrades.

1) Zuni head with CC/TotD, doesn't need to damage your DPS but will increase PUR allowing for you to switch to GI over ROE. Will help your GF stacking faster/longer, speed up your runs and generally give you infinite mana in lower MPs.

2) A slower MH witch CD/LS

It's hard to suggest things to people if you don't know how they like to play but I like PUR builds on my WD.
@ QQmore Maybe a crit Tal Rasha next.
Some how i got skipped earlier so i'll ask again what should i be looking to upgrade next?

Nice set of gear. I'd go for a socketed +crit weap next, or a better lacuni or pox.
Happy New Year!

Harbinger I would say... a new Zuni helm with crit. [Aside - isn't running AC and ZB mana expensive?]

EDIT: You have 0 life steal and 662 life on hit. You have a mountain of attackspeed. I would ditch that skorn for something that wont kill you on reflect instantly in anything over mp3. I am hoping you only equip it when you log off for epeen paper dps. 7 pickup radious is sad.

I would guess you have spent upwards of $2000 to $3000 of real money on that character or have spent 100 times more time ah flipping than you have actually playing the game.

a bit of all the above, plus a couple big lucky drops worth 1.5b total.

Oh, and I keep a main/off hand for RD mobs that have LS on them. Pic is....

I chose against keeping that as main set because of 2 reasons 1) dramatically less dps and 2) incoming patch, rumor has it, will nerf rd mobs. I can tackle anything that comes my way, so I am fine :) No, it's not for epeen. I rock that skorn 85% of the time.

EDIT: oh, and according to diablo progress, my attack speed is mediocre at best. My PU used to be three times as much and I miss it, truly. But I opted to work on my defenses and had to sacrifice something. :(

Attacks per Second: 1.44



(wd: 50K+)



(wd: 23754)
Lovely. Most expensive thing i have found was worth about 45mil -.-
@mamif >> get more life dude , too low on healths

pvp score in US rank 8 =/ hmmmmmm
@mamif >> get more life dude , too low on healths

pvp score in US rank 8 =/ hmmmmmm

I vote for a trifecta pox!

I'm saving up for zero dogs if that influences the advice I get.
i gt that too =p just that tri pox affects my ehp too much xD
Id really like some help with my WD, Currently im stuck at witch Upgrade i should do next and not break the bank. Thanks
@vivalabam you need a weapon with crit dmg and an open socket. That should boost your damage by a lot.
you could get a pretty cheap upgrade for pox or vision. you are about where I am at in most things.
Goonster i think a big increase would be to get some crit damage on ur gloves and more vit on ur marrow
Got skipped earlier =\

@Solemn A marrow with life% and better vit, or more perfect crit on the helm/ammy.

solid balanced build, i like the pur gear, maybe a wh for a dps boost? or drop down 7p/u for a
shoulder upgrade?

like your setup though looks nice

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