Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

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12/14/2012 10:27 AMPosted by CreePyLicKer
id agree. id say lacunas for Danevil. prolly my next item too

actually just found some new strongarms with 70 more int .... almost 2k increase and perfect knock :)
@ Newton : Get a better roll on that hellfire ring is a good place to start.
@anybody who says hellfire ring (I do have better ones currently using that one to cheaply cap MF and keep my HP at 40k)
@jimbob your stuff is awesome I guess you could get an Inna's for your pants but for it to be better than the blackthorne's you would need to fine one with loh if that's possible
OverlordEvan, ammy with CD

CC helm, possibly
@thewizzer you could use some CC on your Pox, other than that, amazing gear.
Nice gear you have but your +% life is high and your vit low!
Next upgrade would be better pants with more vit.
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Very nice set up, but i think a nice vile ward would be your best bet.

@whoever rates me, im saving for a pair of 5+ CC lacunis now, what would you suggest after that.
@ ALittle Hazey
I'm also looking to upgrade to a Lacuni Prowlers with 5+ CC
you should look into a tal rasha's alleigence With CC was a 17k dps boost for me over the no crit version
Any tips for my SC WD? (feel free to suggest for HC one as well!)

Zuni pox / marrow to get 4 set bonus?
If you plan to use acid rain, I suggest getting some LOH on your gears for starters.
As is you don't have much life recovery mechanism and reflect will own you pretty hard.

Regen is okay for progressing through content, but it gets pretty inefficient if you want to "farm" content.

So drop regen, and focus on LOH/LS

After that you can start building 4pc zuni set
You would benefit from more AS, so Lacunis' wrist should be next, I know its expensive, but they will up your dmg, good ones are with CC on them, but they all go for 20+mil and up ...

Also, the ring can have AS too.

I've seen some godly hell ring with CC+CD+AS and high int, but don't count on that : )
I am pretty frustrated at the moment as what to upgrade and especially what to focus on (ehp vs dps/damage). I am from EU but I believe the US forum is a lot better regarding to information/builds etc so that's why I am asking here aswell :) And that hellfire is actualy the first and only hellfire I made so far so I just got extremely lucky with it.

@Nikorr I would personally upgrade your gloves and boots first, I suggest you get Zuni boots with around 150+ vit and int. for gloves get 45+ cd, 9+ cc and as high int as you can afford (add in AS too if you can) next to that add either AR or armor to them. That also gives you the maximum movement speed and I would look into buying either new rare pants with 200+ vit 120+ int, 2 sockets and AR and preferably also armor or a nice Blackthorne. And last but not least upgrade your helmet with a zunimassa for the +150 int in combination with the zuni boots ;) should be a nice chance for your EHP aswell as dmg

edit: I got both blackthorne and rare pants and both uhkapian and totd. the rare pants have 74 AR, 234 vit, 62 int and 2 sockets. I also have a belt with AR, armor, int and vit but this one gives more dmg and +100 vit set bonus with the pants so it's quite nice for when I use the blackthorne pants :)
I would say the rare ring for more crit.
for gyom999 i would say a better pair of boots.

and for me i have not spent mor than 600,000 for any one item that i have but what do i upgrade? 2mil
not wepon i have alot better but for mf
@ ->Dedicated


I do have alternative pants that boost me to 65K life(Blackthorne).

I am at max move speed @ 24. Like those Ice Climbers because of armor, AR, pick up radius(only 1 I have) and socket, if I need more life.

I can do MP8 ubers and not to die once. I would take zuni, if I decide on mana build.

I don't use cash, only what I found in game or sold in both AH's
and those 3-fecta gloves are in 100M's.

With rings, its over 200K dmg.

I am looking for those gloves, if I see some cheaper ones around 100M or so, not 250M+

And all my gold is in BStones now, so I am broke at the time, lol
I happen to be selling a pair of trifecta gloves for 75 mil. 80 int, 38 cd, 9.5 cc, 9 as. 18 mf too

I'd work on getting a Zuni marrow. Also, any of your other slots that can support CC would be good upgrades.

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