Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

Witch Doctor
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Many room to improve but i focus to your hp my blackthone 300+vit 40-50m these day.
Better Gloves I suppose, try and get trifecta but they are pretty expensive
your gear are already great, but since u dont use bear, then u can add att.speed on your glove, 6CC helmet .
@ryusenka not too shabby at all :) i would work on a weapon with a socket in it of course, and perhaps your ring would be an easy upgrade.

For mine, I'ts mortarion. He got bumped from the top now that i started doing HC. 2600 more elite kills till the barb is off the platform
@nurgie rings? I guess
@ube, better vile wards and zuni boots would probably be the next cheapest upgrades
@Faded - YaHearThatEd

Nice kit, love the Hellfire ring. Only upgrade that i can see is your ammy to a trifecta, but at your gear level that would be very expensive.

For mine, I am fairly new to Hardcore and have a limited budget of 4 mil. im using Witchytwo now, witchyone is dead.

Not exactly sure how to critique a HC char :/

hellfire ring upgrade and maybe 4 piece zunmi?


Your gear is pretty damn good, hard to upgrade much there, maybe get some Strongarm Bracers with vit and life% to jack that health up more, though you would lose resists :/

I would say to get some new pants. Blackthorne's are getting cheaper by the day. A LS skorn would also be great, but we all know those are really expensive.

You need more int. Add 2 sockets to your pants. And try to get a lacuni with cc.

but i like the 100 more vit and these only cost 500k and zuni is $$mil with not much better stat
but i did try and go that way but way to much money. you have a nice build though. i just had a new wepon drop today :> bumps me to 82k unbuffed and 140+k buffed .
@Dragon, I'd go for some vile ward shoulders. Can easily get a good pair with good itemization for cheap.

i have a few but not with magic find for now. and for yours a zuni helm and i have 2 that i need to sell send me a message if u want to see.
@dragonbonz... ring is rough. if you ever wanna do ubers add me in game lasagna#1794
@Lasagna cant see your gears @@
Eric, I would say your hellfire ring. Simply because there are a lot of rare rings much, much better stats wise than that. Otherwise, you are the man. I love your chest especially. Good job!

All your gear looks great! I'd say upgrading your weapon for a carving knife such as mine, which I got for around 100m, judging from your gear I'd say you can afford it :P

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