error 3005 / can't connect

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Could someone tell me why I am unable to connect for the last 3 hours? I have enabled SMS Protect and Authenticator but still, I get the Error3005.

Please do something, it's getting really frustrating.
i cant connect error 3007 why???
i can log in to asia and europe but i cannot log in to where my hero is in america... why?
i cannot log in either.
Andrei / Toskey,

You both have European accounts and play only on the European region. Please post any tech issues you have over on their Technical Support forum.
How about us in the Asian region with the 3007 error?

Have any of you tried the workaround we had a couple of weeks ago for that problem in that region? It appears the issue may have returned. It involved changing your DNS provider temporarily to a free one like Google DNS.

This post has a link to instructions for changing it.

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