Looking on what to upgrade on my gear

Hi fellow monks i would like to know which slot i can upgrade to increase my sustainability i have read the post where nameless has posted i am currently looking to upgrade my belt and chest to improve my life and is it a good idea to invest in ls on my another weapon or should i invest in rings and ammy for loh ?

thank you in advance ! :)
work on your attack speed. try to find some trifecta rings or an ammy with cc cd and as, they are expensive but pay off in the end. having a high AS also helps with the amount of LS and loh you get
hi lord thanks for your advise will look into ammy upgrade but is my ls 2.5% enough to put me through mp5 and hgher ?
For some people, 2.5 is good enough but it requires kiting. I hear that about 900-1k loh and 2.5 ls is about perfect. Your hp is pretty low(I can't see what your normal rings are so I'm not sure if they have vit in them) so I'd upgrade your hp first. For mp8+, I think a good rule of thumb is to have 45k-50k hp, 45k for mp8 and then 50k for mp10.
thanks for you advise too Daracy i have decided to upgrade my chest first for more hp guess i have still a long way i see for each upgrade for my slot its millions :(
i just found a inna vast expanse it has dex 150 vitality 239 and reduce melee atck 6% for 70M after calculating i have an increase hp of 5K do you guys think this is a good upgrade ?
That's a pretty steep price for 5k hp. Why not looking into getting inna's belt with vit?
ya looking at the belt now but most all w/o fire resist does belt with vit come with resist ?
hi guys i am recently done with upgrade for my ammy,ring and the belt so i have 5500 armor and 630 resist now i am at 140K unbuffed so which slot should i upgrade now to progress further on ?
Save for that bit Nat Ring upgrade that sucks to do. Or save for a good Witching Hour. Those are my opinions. GL~
thanks teckno for your advise i just upgrade my nats lol ya a good witching hour is damn hard to find :(
Cookieboy... did you play RO? and does IPX mean anything?

On topic, you could look at instead of just fire resist, some AR on those pieces in exchange or addition, seems you've stacked alot of FR and could free up some slots of gear for vit if you got some dual resist pieces that you don't have dual on.

Your chest and legs both come to mind as being very easy places to stack up some vit.
ok enot noted actually have been looking at the ah for double resist braces and gloves if possible for the chest i am not sure should i change out the inna chest
It's just your chest doesn't really offer any good roll for the stats it could have is all ><
hahaha ya i think my chest should have resist on it lol will be looking for other chest to replace it if possible lol
i just upgraded my bracers now i am thinking if i should change my inna chest piece for one with more vitality ?
Yup, either upgrade you chest or pants to high vit versions, but make sure you get high-end, near end game versions or it isnt worth it, especially on pants, since you have to give up 50+ resist.

And can you get by with only 1 LS weapon and that little LoH, I couldnt, my EF is cheap, but costs me a fortune and dps elsewhere to get LoH on my OH and amulet.
gosh 50+ resist is alot lol i am looking for more sustain in higher mps but my ehp is only 250K plus only i am hoping to raise it to 400K

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