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01/03/2013 11:13 PMPosted by Thathdora
Diablo has never been about the gear...but rather the build and the skills and stats.

You are so wrong. Gear is what made the difference between two people having the same build. There were only a few really viable builds you could make in D2, the gear is what separated the good players from the bad. Everyone can have the same base stats and skill point distribution. Only people with the correct gear to compliment and exceed the potential of base stats were at the top. It was an entire science dedicated to PRECISE gear you needed to succeed.
The reality back on planet Earth is this. What it comes down to is you have an opinion. It's your opinion that you enjoy the game and its fine. Others have an opinion that doesn't agree with yours. However nothing you write makes your OPINION anymore valid than anyone elses and it certainly doesn't make it correct, especially, especially after pointing out the above.

Not coming back to this. If you still don't get it, you never ever will.

I totally get what you're trying to say. You are upset that I ruffled your feathers by pointing out your angst over nothing. How do I deduce this? Please refer to the following points you've been making:

1) (Arsonyst quote) You're stating the obvious!
2) (Arsonyst quote) You're stating the obvious!
3) (Arsonyst quote) You're stating the obvious!

The only point you've made this entire time is how displeased you are that I am stating the obvious. Well, the reason I did state the obvious goes deeper than what see before your eyes, it's to demonstrate how foolish some of the complaints are when it is SO OBVIOUS that there are ways to play this game and have it be an enjoyable, fruitful experience. Which you and some others like to completely disregard, as well as other posts on other issues and topics involved. You are fixated on my profile and only my OP without reading the other aspects I've talked about and addressed. The OP was simply an example to help illustrate a point I was making, which clearly is not so obvious to you, as much as you like to throw this word around. In addition, you have not provided any sensible fact or counter-argument aside from just bashing me personally and the posts I am making. Please show your disagreement and some facts to back it up if you want to have a debate, but I am tired of answering to your constant trolling. It is what makes you appear weak and docile to the rest of the people reading this thread.

Also, if you are so convinced this is an ill-gotten opinion and that I am not providing anything substantial for you, then why are you getting so worked up? Again, you are just trolling me and trying to make me look stupid because you hate that I am pointing out something that disagree with what you seem to think is reality.

01/03/2013 10:38 PMPosted by Britty
And now in this post to me you claim youre confused as to why people are misinformed despite them being obvious. Are they? Did you actually ASK ANYONE IF THEY DON'T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS before your 5 paragraphs of hogs drivel as to what people need to do to then enjoy the game?

I don't make it a habit to ask stupid questions that I know the answer to.
the who, who are you?
01/04/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Kittehx
Previously Captain said that inexperienced people can make great games, the question was sarcastic, but still relevant. The team that took on D3 had little to no experience in making ARPG's, by saying that experience doesn't count towards a project or view is quite ignorant imo. Also it's also suggestive that Jay Wilson and his team DID in fact do a good job, which they didn't

My question is, what are you still doing here if you dislike it so much?
You guys are right. this game is nothing but playing the same thing over and over. I remember when i played diablo 2. I never ran the same spot over and over and over again to find gear. heck i played it one time through and was able to do ubers. didn't even have to farm for gear on diablo 2, blizzard gave me everything for free. idiots. play the game, and if u can't, go play something else.
01/02/2013 04:38 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
The problem with the game is that it becomes a snoozefest way too quickly.

And D2 wasn't...?

This is what I don't get. I can recognize that D2, in general, was a good game, but I never ONCE completed its campaign, even on normal, without cheating somehow because my interest would always wane around the middle of Act 2. D3 on the other hand held my interest until early Inferno Act 2, back before the difficulty was smoothed out when I had to run Act 1 repeatedly to farm. I can understand the opinion that D3 becomes a snoozefest, but how the hell did D2 hold your attention for years and years, when not only is the combat less fun, but your builds are more limited, it takes what seem like eons to get new skills, and you have to restart the game OVER and OVER and OVER again any time you want to try something different?

I can understand the hate for D3 more than the love for D2, and getting hate on D3 from people that claim to have love for D2 is maddeningly nonsensical. It's the same damn game with a fraction of the grind!

Now watch how many people will get on my case about unique item affixes (+skills -> +primary stat) and stat points (tons of vitality -> tons of vitality).
Baron, it wasn't the +skills that made D3 items cool, although +skills do FEEL more impactful than +stats, it was all of the secondary effects. Things like on-hit, on-striking, on-attack, when-struck effects. Affixes like crushing blow, +elemental damage(and in that game elemental damage acted differently per element), cannot be frozen... etc. The itemization was much less bland. In d3 all of our procs have such a low proc chance you never see them, and even if you do they don't really do much for the most part. In d2 if a proc had a low proc chance it had a VERY noticable impact(like turning you into a different type of creature, etc.) In d3 if a proc has a low proc chance it freezes an enemy for 0.1 seconds. Yay.

The stat points were really stupid, they were meaningless - I agree. But the item affixes in D2 were FUN - that is my biggest problem with D3, there are so few fun affixes - and what few affixes they have that are fun are either thrown on items nobody would ever use or neutered to the point that they aren't fun anymore(movement speed cap anyone?)

By far and away, D3's biggest flaw is how incredibly BORING the itemization is.

whoa. these D3 forum posts get crazy! one of the best things about D3 is reading the forums and the people who just go crazy. Not really to be honest, I actually feel bad that either you get your billies off by trying to tick people off or you really think by hating on the game in its own forums will get you what you want.
either way... its just incredible that a video game can invoke this reaction from people. I mean really? Is it really that important that this game has flaws... is it really that important that PvP is not out yet... really?
Is it really that important for you to try to tell people what to do with their spare time claim? Really?

Is it really that important for you to serve your overinflated ego by acting superior to everyone else claim? Really?

People talk about things they're passionate about. Even the people who say they 'hate d3' obviously care about it which is why they're posting. Gaming is on par with sports in terms of the amount of passion people have towards it in this day and age... do you complain about people who celebrate when their team wins a championship? Do you get mad at people who get overzealous over what they see as a bad call from the ref?

I like D3, I just think it has some major flaws thaT I wish Blizzard would address.
hmm... that is good advice, especially coming from a demon hunter with 88k dps and only flawless squares in his sockets
01/04/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Raptor
hmm... that is good advice, especially coming from a demon hunter with 88k dps and only flawless squares in his sockets

If you'd like to donate money for me to upgrade gear I'm going to toss soon anyways, be my guest.
u ppl fell hard for this troll

7/10 op this thread was worth the laughs i hope ppl keep raging at u
.... Inferno is only difficult for you when you don't have the right gear for game play. They introduced an AH and RMAH to help accommodate for these needs.......

No legitimate game should encourage, or even force, you to "buy the win".

Buying the win isn't playing the game, or winning the game.

Bizzynga is totally two-faced when they ban botting, or tools that let you zoom out, etc... but will sell you uber armor to win. What is the differnce? No profit cheats = bans.

Rationalize cheating how you will, Bizzynga killed Diablo by cheating profitably.
...with this game. When I got it at launch, even when I was beta testing it, people were on here complaining about the seemingly dumbest things. Now it's over half a year later and people are STILL on here complaining about the same things. Usually involving the difficulty of inferno. I'll use this as an example.

Let me tell you something about this game...to be successful at it, and have it not be "too hard", you have to be smart about your play style, first off. Getting proper gear with stats that compliment your needs is the KEY component to any Diablo title. Inferno is only difficult for you when you don't have the right gear for game play. They introduced an AH and RMAH to help accommodate for these needs.

Now, I may be going out on a stretch here, but you need to collect all the valuable items (rares) and use the ones that will work for you and sell off the other ones on the AH to make gold. The more gold you make, the more you have for more worthy items. This is how I play the game, all the items I collect I convert to gold, and then use the gold to purchase better gear, unless a good one drops for me, then I'll keep it and use it. Following this simple method, I never once had too much trouble tackling any of the game's objectives/difficulties and kept my stats up to par with my level. It is not hard to find good gear on the AH...I just got a pretty sweet bow with great stats for what I need at the moment for only 203,000 gold. You need to be smart and think. I know, it's hard for some people.

Yes, Blizzard has made some mistakes. They are not perfect. Neither are you. I will admit one complaint that was legit was the difficulty/overpowered-ness of elites. Yes, they did way more damage than was reasonable to handle. But they adjusted it, after everyone on here had to flame and hack away at the entire corporation over a flaw they should have expected from a fresh release...so to the complainers, they are listening to you, but they will be less likely to take your complaints seriously when you come across as a whiny b**** rather than a sensible, educated, mature individual.

If you are incapable of getting over a flaw or challenge in a game by adjusting your character/gameplay, you really have no business playing a game in the first place. In my honest opinion, there is nothing wrong with this game. It is perfectly fair and provides a reasonable challenge. If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be called Inferno. You can sit here and say that the game is broken, but what I really think is that YOU are broken. Use your minds and stop trying to get Blizzard to make a game that plays itself for you, rather than you playing it. Try it sometime, it's addictive.

I made a thread about what I think are the 5, the only 5 things wrong with it.

Generally too much loot is dropping regardless of what difficulty you are on, and/or when you are doing level 60 Inferno too much loot is still dropping and the quality threshold seems to low (presumably to counter magic finding, and to supply crafting).

The way the game is designed, it would seem you need the 300 percent MF either from gear or paragon 100. Which is fine, except you may think it would make more sense to remove MF altogether and just multiply loot quality x3.. but then it's not diablo is it?
why do people with High kill count have more credibility Than I i have a few more kills than the OP but i have also played for around 200 hrs on my main. and around 30 for my monk. Now tell me how I have less say than a person with 20k kills Plus? The people with that high of a kill count must MUST like the game a good amount to want to play that much. to me any complaint threads other than constructive posts have far less credibility than other players with mine or less of a kill count. And people with 20k kills plus are really just running out of things to do, to the point any game of this genre will get boring in that time. You gear up to the point only Perfect items are worth your time. So you just basically got done with the content in the game. Just like any single player game, with co-op or multiplayer, IT will end up getting boring. after you get to the best of the best or near to the best you could progress to. especially in this day and age when sorta nice content updates come quite often. (though they cost money usually $15 per.)

I agree OP people do not embrace change, To them Change is bad. Most of the changes in this game are great! There is some lacking verity in the itemization. But the thing is most of the things people want is just really just more content. And that will come in time. IF they had all the content D2 has, that D2 did not have, and improved on it. I would have been much more happy. But what we have is a great game none the less. Also if they released it with that much content we would not be playing this game untill like 2014 at the very least. Because of how methodical and slow Blizzard works to make sure the polish is near the best in the industry.

Really THis is a core experience and a good one. Really any one who says this game is bad really just does not like Diablo like games. Really they sorta have a lot of work to do with the Expac and PvP. PvP must better be great when that comes out. If it is just mediocre like other games in this genre then LOL why can the 4v4 arena? All the expac needs is a Huge new act, Way more item verity, and at least one class, would love to have 2. I hope the expac will carry as much worth as SC2 HotS.

Many of the things though that is complained about on the forums are subjective. Not objective. There are many trolls that just want entertainment. This forum will just about respond to anything. This game is the most loved to hate game. The funny thing is... I can almost am sure that this game has around 100k Players concurrently and millions that play monthly still.

The thing is it seems like the majority of people Jump on the bandwagon of hating almost any AAA developer. Even if there game is good.

Personally I love the vision that Jay willson has for this game. Why not make this one different than the other games that rehashed and rehashed D2 over and over again? why not evolve the genre. attempt to set a new bar.

SO far because of this game.

Valve is introducing their marketplace, basically a RMAH, but the money stays with valve as in store credit.

The orbs they announced in 2008, are in Diablo like games Drakensang, and marvel heroes come to mind.

Now im sure there are other mechanics that the other diablo like games have taken for themselves From D3 You can not deny the innovation this title has.
Well all I've been trying to talk about on any part of these forums is having ANYTHING NEW added to D3.

It's been LONG ENOUGH and there's been plenty of time.

Many people have just been wanting something new.

Some of you can't see that there are some legit and hard working players here who still really love the game, but just want more.

We just want more and new stuff added to it.

The areas and terrain are just boring, the creatures are even able to be memorized now if you've played enough, and if I never bought it and just read the forums lately while playing just the trial the whole time from when it came out till now I wouldn't have purchased it in the first place only because of how low of variety you have when it comes to classes.

No real class variety, No new areas, No new gear, No new skills/runes, No new quests, No new story, No new anything.

So what once PvP is actually implemented and usable that's supposed to "hold us over" till blizzard decides what year or decade that they wanna put something new out?

That's just kinda pathetic, but wait that's also why I never gave them my money for World of Warcraft in the first place too.

So no one can see the patern that blizzard works in?

That really does show how intellegent most gamers are when it comes down to developers being able to pick an choose when they "feel" like putting out something new for a game that's been out for awhile.

Geez, I'm quoting myself becaue no one apparently sees that all that most of use have been waiting for is SOMETHING if not ANYTHING new added to D3 would be nice, but apparently I must repeat myself since everyone is so busy arguing amongst one another.

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