Need Help on Barb

Looking for any advice on my barb. I am in a3 inferno and having trouble surviving. I don't have any gold at the moment but I need to know what gear i should go for.
If you want to merely survive, getting a cheap sword and board setup would probably do the trick. if you want to get on farm status you need to get some movespeed and a build that suits your playstyle. Your current build setup is a mishmosh, which is fine if you are geared to play whatever you want.

figure this out and post back. It doesnt take more than 500k gold to get a decent setup that can farm mp0.
Well im trying to setup a WW barb
How much gold do you have? Key to ultra budget double nado sets is get absolute minimum defensive stats and max dps. I dislike building these sets since you have to start putting stuff where dps mods should go, but you will eventually replace every piece so its not a big deal.
Well nothing right now I just bought IK belt off AH, but I can farm a1 inferno and get a reasonable amount. What item do you think would benefit me most at this point? Anything specific? I have 2 decent 1 handed weps but when I tried them out I had trouble staying alive.
I would replace everything except your MH ring and belt. It won't cost much to upgrade the gear. 500k like i said. If you're looking for handouts, I'm sure people can help but I'd rather help you build a set yourself.
Na not really looking for handouts just trying to figure out what kind of gear i need to get. I just came back after not playing for a long time so I am mostly clueless. Should I be going for certain legendaries? Or just rares with certain stats? I'll equip my 1 handed weps, not sure if they're any good.
trash legendaries aren't better than cost equivalent rares. Your budget needs to get into the few million range before I would consider using set/legendaries.
Alright. So do I mainly want items with strength, attack speed, health on hit?
you need about 300 AR, 35khp, 4500armor, 25ishcc on gear, 2aps+ fully buffed and somewhere around 40-50k dps to be able to farm mp0 with double nado and keep permawrath on alkaizer runs.

There are other builds that allow you to do more with the same budget but will not do permawrath. I find any other build too slow paced to enjoy.

edit: forgot to add 3 sources of LS, usually belt/weapons. I have found about 300-400LOH to be extra cushion. Usually can squeeze it onto ammy or BT pants.
I just put together another set for 500k, no gems as seen here:

Can do permawrath on mp0, I died on mp1 alkaizer run to RD fattys with succubus debuff but that was me being stupid and not dodging lasers or desecrate on the ground. Cant remember which.

could have subbed out a helm with socket but dps would drop. Probably still enough dps to mostly kill white mobs in 1 pass of ww/sprint on mp0. I also overshot on the IAS. Could have dropped it on gloves for cc/cd instead.
Helps to see something to follow, thank!

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