Plan: staff of heading waste my slot

Bug Report
I already learn all the type of staff of heading for my blacksmith, so i decide to throw the plan away while my new character get it from monster, but i fail to do so and i can't sell it. Nothing can do but just waste my slot. Please fix it. Thanks
Ya this is retarded fix now plz before i cant even pick up anything or store anything in safe! THIS IS AN ASAP BUG!Not 5 months from now.
I plan on farming act 4 a lot soon, and already have a couple of my inventory slots taken up by the plans for staff of herding. . . they don't even stack! This is going to be a big problem for me.
Please search for existing threads before posting. This has already been reported and responded to.
11/09/2012 10:03 AMPosted by Lylirra
The Staff of Herding recipe is currently bugged, so it's kind of difficult to get rid of (i.e. put the recipe in your stash, create a new character, move the item to the new character's inventory, and then delete the character). We've already got a fix planned, though, that will allow you to drop the item on the ground or "sell" it for 0 gold to a vendor.

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