Calamity: Disc?

Demon Hunter
Hey guys. I picked this up:

I've been really enjoying using it, but I want your opinions. Max Disc on your Calamity or LoH?

Max Disc gets you more Gloom/Smoke screen, so I figure that's your life return there.

What do you guys think? (Yes yes, I know, socket is preferred, but that would have got me like a gazillion gold)

I might sell this for the right price too, so I guess I'll take offers if anybody wants to offer.
ne one?
if you want disc, saving for a new or legacy nats set will be better and probably cheaper. your weapon is your main dps source, I wouldnt trade dps for disc

ty for input!
if you got the bow cheap then great. the bonus of the disc better than some other stats it could have that is for sure.

However for good output I'd really look at socketed ones.

if you have good CC and run NS passive you probably won't need the extra disc (I only run base 30 disc on my setup).

guess bottom line is I agree with Veritech ... I'd want the dps (socket) over the disc. But again... if you got a good deal on it .... GRATS... it is still a nice bow without the soc even :)
i guess it kinda depends on the build you do, the only thing i use disc for is vault so im not put out by needing more really, id prefer getting lifesteal or a socket personally for the dps or health =/
Personally, if I had to choose between the two I would go with LOH as well. Calamity can naturally proc so much disc anyways with NS that the extra 10 woudnt help me much...

Its just hard to compare affixes when there isn't much better than 100cd from a gem...

Great pickup though. Definitely better than the calamity I found haha

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