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I m manzik#2320 on Europe Server. I had for the third time a bug with my hero Jessi (wd) 58 Parangon
I am a Hardcore player so you can understand how scary are bugs for me.
On 28th December 2012, at 3h40 AM I had this bug.
I was playing act 3 with 2 friends on area stonehold on act 3 when I came back to Windows ( I have windows 7)
In windows, I have a grey windows that said "I had an error" and proposed me to relaunch or cancel. I choosed relaunch and then I didn't have to re enter my password and respawn in game at the wp in the town. My friends told me i was not moving in the game for 10 secondes so now i am scared to play solo.
A friend lvl 75 parangon today died because of it...
Can you please tell me how could I fix it.
I also checked : E:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\InspectorReporter\ReportedBugs\
and saw that a files was created after this bug so if you contact me in private, I can provide you this files.
I wanted to know also if i would have lost my caracter because of this bug if you can resurect him ?

I thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards


Note that the email linked to this account is the one of my brother, so if you want to contact me pls tell me where I can write a mail with my own mail.

It says you answer in 24 h . Maybe I can have an answer pls ?

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