Hasansabbah's Panzer Build for MP10&Reflects

Witch Doctor
How much would gear such as Op's cost?
And what's the minimum budget to get something similar?
This sounds interesting to try and I need a break from my Wizard
This is my current WD (the weapon's being borrowed by my Barb)

My gear is expensive but not that expensive as most of you think. I try to buy the best gear for the slots that I can afford and regularly update my pieces with better stats not to get affected by inflation.

For the expensive parts like weapons/amulets/rings, it is best to find the buyer directly. Most I have paid are 430 for amu, 400 for weapon. Boots are my only self found gear. Others don't cost that much, gloves, bracers, pants (both inna and Depth), helm, belt, both rings all cost around 100-120 per piece. Zuni off hand, 20m (experimental), Uhkapian 100m. That's the another beauty of WD. Once I read only 12-13% of the total population plays WD so it makes our gear ridiculously cheap. For example, ppl buy a helm for 2B while I can make a perfect WD facerolling MP10 with that budget^^

This also helps you enjoy playing more since you can always sell the surplus gear/gold on RMAH.

Of course keep in mind that I have bought most of the gear while they weren't so popular. Now I check them and prices are real high.

PS: I have also been experimenting on some gear parts / builds lately so what you see on me may not be the ones I regularly use.

Where do all of you get these crazy budgets?
While i did spend quite a bit on my Alts (I have 5 characters at lvl 60+10 or more all able to farm Mp0-2 effectively), Even if I sold all my items from all characrters I wouldn't have more than a few hundred millions at best after 500 hours of playing
omg dude? http://www.diablofans.com/topic/81797-hasansabbahs-panzer-build-for-mp10reflects/ ==> watched his video and ur gonna laugh , his so called killing of reflects = killing white mobs and skipping the video when hes left with the elites >> are u kidding me??? freaking euro troll LMAOOOOOOO

just another wannabe LMAO guess OP just loves to brag with no substance , fancy skipping elite mobs and just fast forwarding after killing NORMAL white mobs LOL

for real WD action watch this >>>>
Any thoughts on using a poison skill every three seconds while spamming bears, and using bad medicine as a passive ?
I just tried the build on my low para WD and am enjoying it so far. I know my gear is not so good, but it's a work in progress.

Do have a question though. Does Zombie Bears gain from LOH?

Also, are there NON Barb belts with LS% options?
No to both questions. You want LS, it has to be on the weapon for a WD.

Best LoH skills we have are Acid Cloud and Rain of Toads. The rest of our skills do not proc LoH very often.
Don't proc "Often". Is there criteria for the other skills to proc then?
07/24/2013 07:52 PMPosted by Ravenloft
Don't proc "Often". Is there criteria for the other skills to proc then?

Yes. There is a Skill Proc Guide in the Builds sticky at the top of the page. You should also read, Choosing a Witch Doctor Weapon in the Guide.
Does this build work?
As in, still work.
With the current patch.
Sacrifice Banish your Zombie Dogs and cause them to explode, each dealing 275]% of your weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 12 yards. / Only summoned Zombie Dogs may be sacrificed.

Not sure why Blizz add this clause. =/

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