Best Barbduelamulett ?


how much u guys think is this worth?
Between 3-5 million
around 15 - 25 mil
lmao@ this community nothing but trolls nowadays
Thats a nice amulet. Its unfortunate that the community thinks LOH is useless now a days. You will get mixed opinions on this. You ave average dmg, CH, and attack speed which is nice. Then you have High Vit, and lift%. I would start it at 200 mil could be worth more.
thnx man appreciate a non troll-oppinion XD, btw nice echoing fury u have
The only trolls are the ones that sell stuff for like 100m+. So only ppl that buy gold etc can buy it. thats fair?
People will only accept opinions likewise to their own. He called those others trolls because he believes that ammy is worth 200m (which it isn't). And thanks the guy that mirrors his own opinion. It's pointless.
That ammy is over 100m no matter what noobs say. Nice find.
i think problem is most ppl underrate LOH
Even now its not bad and if u plan on winning duels LOH will be hugely important (together with lifereg, armor, and a big HP pool)
There is few amuletts that combine survivability, LOH and decent dmg output as good as this one (furthermore critdmg, which is missing on ammy will still be important in pvp but not as much as now, since its impact dpswise will shrink when dmg-output is nerfed by 90+ %)
An amulett only can have so many stats so clearly its missing out on sth. BUT all the 7 stats it has are gonna be important for duelling and have great synergy imo.
So ppl telling me this ammy is worth 3-5 or even 20-25m are either blatant noobs or most probably just trolling...
Obviously i would like to hear this ammy is worth alot (hey it´s mine actually), but i´m ready to listen to other oppinions aswell, as long as they are based on a serious note and some knowlege gamewise
Problem I see with this amulet going for a high price is this...

The people that have and are willing to spend the bigger bucks just wont be as interested in this. Pretty much they will ignore the LOH for the most part. I agree LOH is severely underated but as the game stands now High Damage builds use it to a lesser degree. It has Decent stat besides that but also seeing as it is missing CD (which the amulet is the second highest place to get it behind weapons) it just will not be as sought after. I actually expect you to get in between 20 and 60 million for it. This is of course based on what i see in the AH and playing as well.

Good luck hope it does sell good for you.
see thats what i mean someone who thinks its not worth much and explains why in a decent way! Thx bro !
still u always have to factor in probable future developments, and in my oppinion LOH will likely be huge in pvp, same goes for a high HP pool. IAS synergizes with LOH and a high average dmg is always welcome (just look at my one ring XD).
Factoring in the future is always a gamble (i like gambling thats why i bought the skysplitter which imo will be huge in pvp due to its lifereg smite and IAS) , but its a fun thing to do...
But keep the oppinions coming XD
Personally, this amulet will not appear in my area of scope. I search AH for ammy by str, 7cc, 60cd. Then look for other bonus stats. Its a pretty solid amulet. Agree with techjunkie, its really hard to convince myself to lose that huge cd for ias in ammy. But still because of its massive other stats. Easily 50mil++ imo.

And keep away from the word "best" in thread name. You get trolled when its not the best. Use words like decent, good or very good.
all i wanted to do (i put a questionmark behind bestbarbduelamulett), was starting a discussion about possible godly barbduellammys whist getting a pricecheck for mine, which could be one of those imo.
i appreciate ur oppinions guys but alot of u still only seeing the pve not the pvp value of this ammy imo.
one can only speculate bout pvp, but still maybe cc ias and loh will be the "new" pvp trifecta amulettwise. furthermore life% will increase in value immensly etc. etc.
but thnx for ur knowledge-based input, glad to see that, keep discussing.
i personally like speculating about duelling and already buying gear like this (which was like 2m lol)
i suggest keep this ammy for now and check the value of LOH items after the duel patch comes out.
Pvp wasnt out, loh is likely to work better than ls. Likely. But i sure certain nerf will be apply to loh as well. Can't expect stacking 3000loh and expect to win easily right? Everything is too vague now to discuss. Blizzards decision will still ultimately fix an items price later.
if its not a trifecta then you can not call it the best
IAS isnt that important for amulets, CC and CD are far better.

You can get the same amount of IAS (9%) from a single ring, but amulets can roll double the amount of CD (100% vs 50%), and nearly double the amount of CC (10% vs 6%) compared to rings. So having IAS instead of CD is defintely a huge minus for that amulet.

LS vs LoH isn't yet resolved for dueling, as we dont know what sort of damage reduction will be in place. Given enough damage reduction though (and I am expecting a lot of damage reduction to prevent one-shots), LoH may well make a comeback as the sustainability affix of choice.

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