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Demon Hunter
Tired of normal exp farm? So any DH want to farm together at MP10? We can have a group to farm mp10 after you were boring of your exp run.

i am Tank DH, i can help you tank. I welcome everyone as long as you have the gear to play at mp10 and won't die so much, and at least can contribute some dps or tank :)

and again, i welcome any Tank DH, Balance DH or Glass Cannon to join us farm together at mp10,

add me in game and message as mp10 farm :)

Hope everyone in group get legendary rain!!! XD
with your 50k dps, i think my templar can tank better
come, don't crit/offense, we play together :)

ur templar is good, but my templar sleep on the ground most of the time in mp10
is this real or is this just fantasy?
01/04/2013 07:46 AMPosted by Firebat
is this real or is this just fantasy?

just add me in game and we can farm mp10 together :)
No DH wan play MP10?
Cool build. Glad to see at least someone is original.
01/04/2013 08:51 PMPosted by KOHero
No DH wan play MP10?

I'm in. On tomorrow, day time.
01/04/2013 10:01 PMPosted by ARG
No DH wan play MP10?

I'm in. On tomorrow, day time.

add me in game, just now i was in game and received 3 invite, but 1 still online, 1 afk, 1 offline. so we still din't start a route yet. I feel it is quite hard to get at least 3ppl to farm together, becuz everyone have different playing time, unless we have a larger group of ppl.
sorry was afk when you pm'd me earlier today ... hope to catch you on tomorrow or over the weekend! i really need to farm to improve my toons
add me batusai#1151
I'm also keen when I got time - JasonD#1785
Not quite up to par to do solid mp10 runs I'm more of mp7-mp8 area. Just stopping by to say nice build! With that much LoH, all resist/health and so much procs going on for loh i bet u tank like a boss no problem.

Anyone that's hating fails to see how this build really works then. True the "sheet" dps looks low but with gas grenades, echoing trap /w custom engineering, sentry, and shuriken cloud all going not to mention the 10% more crit with caltrops and the increased damage taken from cull of the week passive. The damage is much much higher than the sheet dps along with alot of EHP. Solid build.
this might be fun
Go ahead and add me Scuall#1513, I'm on various time throughout the day (I telecommute 100%). I farm MP10 from time to time, usually with barbs. I've never done this with DHs before though.

If you haven't done so, it's much more to do this when you can group the elites into one spot. Best place is VotA. Fought 5 MP10 elites at once in there with 3 WW barbs and me kiting like crazy.
Very nice build/character overall! I ran something similar shortly after release and loved it.
Yesterday have run a route with another 3 DH, some of them have high dps and balanced build, some are having really beast dps, i m a tank, it was a really nice play, but fallen maniac is the top murderer.
Adding soon =)
Sounds like fun..

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