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You're crazy for not picking up rare belts - I'd guess you have no idea how to gear up a Monk. A theoretical rare belt for Monk could roll Dex, Vit, AR, OWE res (theoretical max of 140 functional all res), Armor and Life %. A belt with good rolls on those stats is a MASSIVE EHP boost, better than any Leg or set item a Monk would use. Blackthorne's can't roll like that, Inna's can't roll like that (and outside of TR builds purely for EXP gain Inna's is a pretty bad set anyway so its not like people are using it for the set bonus), Hellcat can't roll like that, Tal Rasha's can't roll like that, and even a Witching Hour can't roll like that. Yes, many of those are high-value damage belts, but a well rolled pure defense belt WILL sell for millions. Just look for a belt with 160+ Dex, 100+ Vit (or 10%+ Life), 65+ AR, 45+ any res and armor on the AH. Those things are pricey, and they sell.
WOW, not picking up wands? I saw a 12xx dps lvl 58 wand with int/crit/socket + extra, sold for 400kk~.
So anyone have a comprehensive and quick way to edit my post to include ALL mistakes? I don't feel like slowly raking through the pages to find what I should change.
just thought i'd laugh at your shield comment.
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Bookmarked. Although I must admit my Wizard's current wand and belt were both looted and I thought them to be decent. Not all of us can afford a decent Chantodo's wand or a witching hour.

My Wand: Vampiric Feather (ilvl 60)
1003.6 DPS
(511-923) Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second

+272 Minimum Damage
+281 Maximum Damage
+46% Damage
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 65%
+11 Maximum Arcane Power
2.70% Life Steal
Open Socket

My Belt: Driven Braid (ilvl 63)
457 Armor

+66 Strength
+178 Intelligence
+40 Lightning Resistance
+70 Resistance to All Elements
+9% Life
+188 Armor

P.S. By Fetishes do you mean the Witch Doctor Mojos?

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