why i cant view my profile and add friend?

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hai there..

can u help me? im just new on d3 and already on level 29 barb..

Your character is on the Korean region so you wont see a profile for it in the US forums.


If you just made a digital purchase of the game, your account will have to go through up to a 72 hour period where it has Starter Account restrictions while the financial transaction finalizes. That's probably why you can't add a friend just yet.
lol.. why im at korean?

can change region to America?

You can't move existing characters between regions but you can make new characters in any region you wish and play them there.

On the main login screen, before logging in, select Options > Account > and then check the region selected under Server Region Selection.
oic.. thanks for the info.
between i do insert my friend id to add him into my friend list but its doesn't appeared on my friend side.. how to overcome this?

its because im still new? actually i just register diablo acc yesterday..

What region is your friend on? You have to have a character there too. Did you buy a digital download version of the game or a retail version? Like I said, if it was digital, you'll be subject to start account restrictions for a little while. One of the restrictions is not allowing you to add any friends yet.

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