need 3% more IAS

What peice(s) should I get to get the 3 more IAS to reach 2.57? Thanks <3

Edit: My wiz
Gloves imho
you could buy an IAS 10% chant wand. pretty cheap for those 1.77 ones.
Why are you trying to reach 2.57? The breakpoints are 2.50 and 2.73. Do you mean 3% to reach 2.73 with the IAS Slow Time rune?
IAS chants wand, inna's pants, lacuni bracer with cc, or just squeeze in mroe IAS on current gear.

looking at your gear / stats though I'd suggest you increase your cc a bit. Once you reach 45-50 cc it really makes a world of difference for cm build.
Inna's Pants is quickest and cheapest option.
Mempo, but I hate giving up the Wizardy stuff on a SC as well.

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