I guess i have no idea wth i am doing

MY dps is at 60k, i run out of fury to quick, i cant kill past Mp3 so i just stay in act one. I guess my Barb is just not geared right i see people talking about doing 150k+ DPS and that's more then double what i do. I have read the forums allot and maybe i am just not understanding some of the stats that i should be looking for. If anyone could look at my gear and tell me what i am doing wrong i would appreciate it.


I have spent allot of time on the forums like i said i just am not understand how to build my barb i guess. SO many stats to choose from i can' never decide which is better. I have about 10 million gold to fix what problem i am having now.
If that profile is current and you are indeed using a Skorn, you may want more Attack Speed, also is it you are dying to fast or just running out of fury? If it's the problem with fury remove Rend for Overpower - Momentum.
Turn those useless mf in ias. Heed what henry said. Get enough cc like 60 at full buffed.
Turn those useless mf in ias. Heed what henry said. Get enough cc like 60 at full buffed. And your rune for sprint is not run like the wind. Your profile now show DW. I dont even see the cc stacks written by the side. Your cc must be very low.
yep, 10 cc on ammy and gloves and you will see great improvement.
Well, first you're missing some stats on pieces where you absolutely should pick them up.

For example, your chest has no VIT, even though you can get up to 300 VIT on chest (making it one of the best pieces of gear to get HP from). Your gloves have no crit, and you can get up to 10% crit from gloves. Your rings are OK, hellfire has no crit but not much you can do about that other than make some more and hope for good rolls. You only have 12% movement speed, you should get at least 24% (cap is 25%) for farming. If you're doing WW/sprint spec 24% movement speed is important, it allows you to drop 5 tornadoes per sprint instead of 4.

Your weapons have high DPS, sockets and crit dmg but no strength, life on hit or life steal. You should consider getting an offhand with str/life on hit (life steal is better once your dps gets higher). The dps of your offhand does not affect your actual damage much as WW spec, so even if you drop a few hundred dps to get better stats it will be worth it. If you are going to go HOTA spec then disregard this, you need a high dps offhand for HOTA.

If you get life on hit on your offhand, and get more vit from replacing your chest, then you can replace your amulet. You can get up to 10% crit 100% crit damage from amulet, and a good chunk of attack speed (not all at the same time, that would be very expensive).

Your shoulders have very high str but no VIT or life%. Consider dropping a little str on new shoulders to pick up more vit/life%, this will help you get a better amulet (crit hit/crit damage, str, average damage) and that will increase your dps a lot.

At least for farming I would pick up some boots with 12% MS and maybe a cheap pair of lacunis. That 24% movement speed makes a big difference. You can also get more HP from your IK belt, instead of looking for 180 str and VIT, try looking at 180+ str and life %, it is cheaper. For farming the cheapest way to get back to 24% MS after switching your chest would be to get IK boots and some cheap (non crit) lacunis. Your current bracers have some crit so you would lose some crit, but switching your gear around will allow you to pick up near 20% crit just from gloves/amulet if you can just replace the VIT from your amulet. Your str is pretty good right now but your crit is just too low to have good dps. You have some good pieces of gear.

You just need to focus on getting the correct stats on the correct pieces of gear:

Gloves - as much crit as possible. High str too. Can skip AR/vit if it is too expensive. You can also get increased attack speed and crit damage on rare gloves, but all 3 will be very expensive. Just get high crit, high str, and a good chunk of either IAS or CD.

Shoulders - Can roll up to 300 str. Can also get life %. Try to get 200+ str, decent AR, and either good vit (100+) or okay vit and life%.

Chest - Can roll up to 300 vit. Always get 3 sockets, don't bother with chests with less than 3 sockets. Getting high str AND high vit is expensive, so go high vit so you can skimp on vit on pieces where you can't get as much and it is expensive (like gloves). You should get as much AR/vit as possible, and some good str/3 sockets too. Done correctly you can still get a lot of str from a low str chest because of the sockets. Blackthornes are good (they are cheap and have high vit, high AR, and 3 sockets always). IK chest is good, but very expensive, because the bad rolls are always low VIT. Don't buy a low VIT IK chest.

Legs - Similar to chests. A good place to get high vit, always go for 2 sockets. Get high AR and as much str as you can afford. You can get blackthornes but they do not always roll AR, so AR is not very high and is expensive. The 2pc bonus (if you get the BT chest too) is 100 vit, and they come with life on hit always so it's an option if you can get the AR on other pieces and you need the vit or life on hit.

Rings - can roll up to 6% crit. Litany can only roll 4.5%, still a good ring though. I don't think you need new rings, a better hellfire would be nice but that's always the case.

Boots - 12% movement speed. Those ice climbers are nice but you should always go for the MS cap for farming, it makes quite a difference. You can also get high AR on boots, sometimes you can get pickup radius, which is nice. For farming thing about buying some cheap rare boots with normal stats, 12% MS and maybe pickup rad. Otherwise your boots are fine for stuff that isn't farming. You don't NEED the 12% movement speed farming keys or doing ubers.

Helm - 2 good options. Mempo of twilight and IK. Your IK is pretty nice. Only thing that sucks about IK is no guaranteed AR, so you will have to make it up on other pieces. Mempo on the other hand can get gotten with 70-80 AR, 180 str, 8+ IAS, 10+ life% and a socket for a few million. No crit on the mempo unless you're willing to pay through the nose.

Bracers - Can get up to 6% crit. Lacunis can have run speed (obviously). If you buy some lacunis just for farming then get run speed and pick up radius, don't worry too much about str/vit/AR or anything. They will also give you some IAS, but you will have to lose the crit, crit lacunis are overpriced.

Amulet - this is a big dps piece. Always try to avoid HAVING to get AR/life on your amulet. If you can get it, then great, but you don't want to have to get less dps stats on your amulet because you need more survivability. As close to 10% crit as you can get, this is a great place to get crit dmg and/or IAS. Always try and get average damage and/or some str, amulets can roll a huge amount of str and are one of the few places you can get average damage.

Building a good set with enough HP/AR and high dps is all about getting pieces that do what that slot does best. For example, you want to get as much vit/ar as possible on chest/legs, you want to get as much crit/dps stats as you can on rings/amulet/gloves. Always get a belt with lifesteal (only one exception to this really). Trying to get stats that on pieces that can't roll high on that slot for that stat is just expensive and will leave you with less dps and survivability for more money.
Thanks a ton for the help
Any piece of gear i have you think i could sell that is worth some money? Then i can try to replace some of the other gear i have
DMG Wise your chest is probably one of your biggest boosters, Thats worth between 20-30mil. Alot of peopel don't realize that the demon dmg stacks if the elite is also a demon and ubers/bosses are considered elites to.
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