RMAH issue (SMS related)

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heres the situation :

i've lost my phone . replaced with a new number , authenticator is still working no problems with login.
however i formatted my pc , now i have trouble using rmah to sell stuffs , because i cant get the SMS protect to send to my new number. It has to send to the old number to change it to new number . how do i fix this ? ive tried escalating a ticket , no replies for weeks . what should i do to get the rmah working again ?
This is a VERY simple issue so if the ticket was clearly written then it should have been resolved in 24 -48 hours. If you wrote it in a way that was confusing and garbled though then it could have resulted in an issue.

Submit a new ticket -
-Choose Battle.net as the product
-Choose from a list of pre-defined topics
-I have an issue Managing my Account
-I have an issue that is not listed here

The ticket button will light up at the bottom o the web page after some support links - click it
Write the following "I lost my phone and need to remove SMS Protect from my account".

That should get it removed. Once that is done you will have to set up SMS Protect again using your new phone so that you can use the RMAH. Note that you will not be able to use the RMAH until that happens.

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