Didn't Receive Battle.net Funds for RMAH.

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I bought funds to use in Diablo 3 this morning. It has been several hours and my account has not been credited. I received a confirmation email several hours ago that the transaction was complete. I did not use paypal (looked like there were issues with it); I used my card.

How long does it normally take? Should I call my bank and try to get refunded?

They state when you purchase it that it can take up to 72 hours.
Im experiencing this right now, pretty ludicrous in the information age when you can charge $2000 at the mall on a credit card and then come home to add a Blizzard balance only to have it take 3 days to process...

Get with the program guys, take my money. This is the sorta thing that's making everyone leave this game.

Its not even a high standard to hold yourselves to - take customers money and deliver DIGITAL goods in less then 3 days. Not asking a whole lot considering the rest of the internet seems to have the whole instant transaction thing pretty figured out.
Blizzard waits until they actually GET the money, which the mall does not. Most of the time all this happens behind the scenes so you never see it.

1. You make a charge at a merchant and an authorization request is sent to the bank.Note that money is not sent to the merchant yet. Many merchants use this Auth to allow the purchase.
2. You will then see a "pending" charge on your statement while the bank finalizes the details of the transaction between them and the merchant. This process can take up to 72 business hours.
3. Once the transaction finalizes, the bank actually sends the money to the merchant. This is the point at which Blizzard allows access to the funds (or removes trial restrictions on digital purchases).

Why? Because so many gold selling/botting cartels use stolen credit cards to try to buy games to bot with, to spam gold selling sites, or to engage in fraudulent transactions. While it is inconvenient for some legit players, it cuts down on a LOT of the fraud and spamming that we used to see. We now only see it from compromised accounts.

This has nothing to do with technology or getting with the times, it has to do with fraud - and a business decision Blizzard made that other retailers who have lower fraud rates have not. Put simply...Amazon trusts transactions more and goes with just the initial Authorization...Blizzard used to but changed the model due to fraud rates.
Except all these other businesses have managed to handle the fraud without destroying the quality of their services.

You act as of no one ever tried to go to the mall with someone else' credit card. You act like they dont already have 5 other verification processes to be sure. (sms protect, authenticator, address cross checking, paypal, IP based user tracking)

You are being an apologist for no obvious reason, do it in a different thread please.

Also, why do you keep saying "we"? Are you Blizzard? Are you authorized to respond for them?


Still waiting on customer support... At this rate I believe I may ask for a chargeback.

Its getting silly. They post-dated the debit charge from my card. Its dated the 7th...

What a farce. They cant even make the phone number readily available, its completely hidden on their support page.

Really frustrating company to interact with.
Not being apologist..simply telling you how it works. I personally don't care what they do or don't do as I don't use those services. I was simply telling you why they implemented the policy...for many background knowledge helps understand the issue, even if you still don't like it. Stick around enough years on here and you will see enough blue posts explaining why they have the policies they have.

As for the phone number, they took it off the support page because people were calling for things Billing and Tech could not help with such as bugs, complaints, suggestions, suspensions, etc. It was making a mess of the phone lines and preventing people who COULD be helped by Billing from getting through. The ticket system will now give you the option of phone support and give you the number if a phone call is appropriate for your issue and the lines are open.

By "we" you mean the "fraud and spamming we used to see" comment? I am not speaking as Blizzard and I think you know that. As a player we (the players) used to see TONS of gold selling spam on WoW before they instituted that policy across all the games. People were using stolen cards to open accounts which used to have chat privileges. The players complained very very loudly about it and asked Blizzard to make it stop. That is why trial accounts have no social rights in D3 or WoW, digital upgrades wait the 72 hours til the transaction completes to get chat, and your money is not available. The blues have posted it over and over again so hopefully sharing helps you understand why the policy exists, even if you do not happen to like it.

Also, if you want one on one interaction with Blizzard, you would need to submit a ticket, not post on a public forum designed for player to player interaction.
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