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I need to rant. Yes, I just had a string of bad MOBA matches, but this wall 'o text that most of you won't read has been coming for a long time, because the problem I have has roots much deeper than a few lost matches. I'm posting it here because while there will be many MOBA fans on this forum, the fanboy rage won't be as strong here on a Blizzard forum.

I started playing DotA 2 earlier this year, in March, and it was/is my very first and only MOBA game. I was hooked. Once I got over my fear of the rabid community, I started to spend sometimes entire days locked into match after match after match.

D3 pulled me away for a minute, but has not come close to surpassing the time I spend playing DotA. My Steam friends list has become massive, my group invites endless, my ventrilo server list long... I joined a clan (which I won't name here), and continued on with my addiction.

All the while I've been slowly becoming more and more aware of why, for as much as I love the game design, I secretly hate the game and most of the people who play it. I'm just going to let it fly:

The constant, incessant, never ending nagging that I encounter from other people. "Hey, take this ability first." "Hey, buy this item before that." "Hey, go top instead of bot." "Hey, you should've casted Ability A as opposed to Ability B because that would've enabled me to kill Enemy C." i'm so tired of people telling me how to play. SICK. Of it. Especially since, while I'm no pro, I am often the top of the scoreboard. I can take criticism and suggestion, but I'm talking about NAGGING, and boy oh boy, do people in this game LOVE to nag.

Second, the attitudes. What a group of ego inflated nerds. Poor attitudes abound. I can't stand it. I am generally a really sweet person, but this game makes me meaner than one of Michael Vick's dogs. I don't like it. I d on't like feeling hateful because of a video game. I have NEVER seen something singularly bring out the absolute WORST in people like MOBA games do. Not in Starcraft, not in CS:S, not in L4D, not in CoD, not in WoW, and definitely not in D3. Awful.

You know what I really hate? How long the games are. Often an hour. Often you will be being beaten so badly, no hope of coming back, and guess what? You get to look forward to about 30 minutes of a bickering team, insults, attitude, and just being beaten to a pulp. Unlike LoL, DotA doesn't have a surrender button, so you are FORCED to endure it. This links into point 2, because since people's moods worsen over time, i get meaner than Vick's pitbulls. I have LITERALLY thrown keyboard, mice, headsets, and monitors over this game. I'm a 24 year old woman with no history of anger problems. I have NEVER gotten as angry over ANYTHING in my life before. (Edit: Don't think about leaving the match early or AFK'ing either. Oh no. Then you will be put in a 24 hour punishment pool for Matchmaking, and THAT, my friends, is the Mos Eisely of the DotA world.)

So why? What is it REALLY? It's people. MOBA's are a huge social experiment, much like WoW, and guess what? It fails. It brings out the worst in people. It has only shown me how much I dislike people, and dislike socializing on the internet. I have more of a social life now than ever, and I attribute it not to me disliking gaming or "growing up" (yeah right), but to how frustrating DotA is. I often get on the computer, receive a game invite from a clan member, and feel dread at accepting it. I struggle to be excited for the fact that we have an upcoming tournament in DotA. I'm not excited at all.

It fills me with nostalgia for WoW. A game where I worked with my guild to a common end, had great friends, and that often brought out the very best in me, not the worst, and I saw the same sentiment among others. It makes me sad, sitting here typing this, thinking that I can't go back to WoW. Those days are long over for me, and trying to chase that dragon is useless.

I guess I'm grateful to have D3. I hate DotA. I hate MOBA. It brings out the absolute worst in people online and makes me realize just what a great experience World of Warcraft was for me.

How sad that MOBA is the next big gaming craze for PC gamers. They are the AIDS of competitive gaming, and that sucks, because on a design level, they are amazing.

Anyone else share my sentiments?

TL;DR: I'm butthurt over MOBA's. QQ.
AWWWWWWWW can't dual wield CC and win?

I have only played 30 mins of a moba style game, it was enough for me to never want to play it again. I am really not sure what the fuss is all about, there is nothing to them. No story, no progression system, no writing, no cinematics.

Everything that makes a game a game, and usually a good SINGLE PLAYER game, is missing from these types of games. All they are is an epeen measurement tool.

They are about as much as a game as counter strike, people play them to compete (lol, play some rec sports maybe?).


The point of MOBA, Counter Strike or multiplayer games is to have teamwork, strategies, execution of strategies, reflex, and adaptability.

No progression? You and your teammates improve as a unit, and you move up the ladder.
I have to agree with the OP.

I have friends who really enjoy MOBA games. I tried my best to stick with it for a while but just couldn't take the bickering of the community. I've never seen it worse then in a MOBA game.

It doesn't help that by design it's extremely noob unfriendly, and, a single person can ruin everyone else's day by not knowing how to play. This makes other players take a massive dump on new players or people trying to learn the ropes.

Frankly I think at a fundamental design level, MOBA games fail. Not one of them have corrected the two problems i've mentioned above.

I've tried a bunch of MOBA's btw: Heroes, of Newerth, League of Legends, DotA2, Smite. They ALL have this core problem.

I simply can't go back and play these games anymore. Too bad cuse they could have been fun if they could have evolved out of the crude concept of the original DoTA mod.
MOBAs games and its designs suck, community is literally toxic along with those individuals who are defending the game like hardcore zealots like you just insulted their religion or something and the worse of all, they see it as "GET ON OR GET OUT ATTITUDE".

Anyone who would only respond "That's because you suck bro" can go screw themselves. No point arguing with people you can't reason with. Let the nerds on steroids enjoy their dumb game. I rather watch soccer than try to reason with wannabe keyboard warriors.
I just ignore them, I find that if they're ignored they'll either give up or be bothered, and in the end I'm freed from taking the abuse, and blame on myself.
I absolutely adore Mobas, I play many like Smite, dota 2, heroes of the Storm, and league of Legends, I've had some bad run ins with rude people but again I just ignore them.
this is the most true description of DOTAS I've read in a long time!

I can't even understand, why people are voluntary playing these matches that are no fun at all.

I've read someone summing up DOTAS (and their ugly Brothers, the MOBA-Shooters):

"MOBAS are a developers way of saying
'We COULD create an awesome coop-campaign, balance items and pickups, create cool loot for this rich and dynamic character-roster
but we WON'T, because angry basement-dwellers will pay for the next MOBA-clone, no matter how lazy and copy-pasted it is.' "

and I sign everything about this!

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