Advice appreciated!

Demon Hunter
Hi everyone

I'm currently sitting on a pot of gold after selling off some good leg finds recently. Just asking as to what I should be upgrading...

My criteria:

1) Max budget 90M
2) Not planning on ditching the Legacy Nats

That's about it! I was looking at getting a Vile Ward with +VIT so that I can ditch some of the stupid Amethysts taking up my sockets. Would a Vile Ward with +VIT and +life % be better or just a fat stack of +VIT?

Any other suggestions on upgrades I should make will be deeply appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to contribute and help out :D
with 90m I'd get a socketed gaze and inna's pants with vit
you can probably get better bracers too
any gold left upgrade your gems

ok...what to look for on bracers?
try same stats but higher cc

also, get a better vile ward, should be about 15-20m (higher dex)
Look for a rare Bracer:

100 Vitality, +100 Dext, 65 + All res., 5.5+ CC and armor or Strength. You will have a bit less Dext maybe, but more CC and a lot more life (Vit)


Vile ward with Vit (no %life because your total vitality is too low)

OR both...

Good luck!
Ok thanks!

Most likely gonna up the Vile Ward first!

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