sold gold on RMAH 2-3 days ago..

Technical Support
still haven't received paypal money, I'm not trying to be impatient but it just strikes me weird that it takes awhile? thank you for reading this blizzard reps! and have a nice day.

There's a current issue with users not receiving PayPal funds for sold auctions in a timely manner. It's still under investigation, that's really all I know about it at this time. I'm sorry for the delay.
I am (as well as many many other players as Omrakos stated) also dealing with a very unusual and long delay period after purchasing gold. One of my transactions is processing and the other says Purchased... yet to receive either of them.

I can't help but feel like we won't be getting our gold or items until the majority of Blizz returns from holiday break (in Jan?) lol. At any rate, I'm sure we'll get what we've purchased/ money from what we've sold eventually... hopefully sooner than later.

Merry Christmas
- Megatron

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