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Ya know Im just curious why the blue posters keep locking out the threads that are put on here, to get a better understanding of why ppl are not getting their money deposited into their pay pal accounts, we all understand that blizzards scripting in the RMAH screwed the pooch and has caused a major blackout with recieving funds into our paypal accounts mine included, stop locking the threads and actually explain why and what happened, if you can come up with the information to tell us that there is a problem with transfering money to pay pal, more than likely you could give us the reason why.

Another thing is the attitude of some of the blue posters on here, if i didnt know any better when reading some of the responses, it comes across to me as they are getting just a bit snippy with the posters, SOME of your player base do not read or speak english really well or at all...try to be a little more understanding and a little less snippy about things.

Lastly, why is it going to take untill after the first of the year to get things sorted out with the pay pal issue, please do not patronize us, we are not stupid. There will be plenty of people on hand to run maintenance on monday night/tuesday morning , so where are these people now that there cant be a more expedited typing of the keys and correcting of the scripting....just things i have been thinking about, just little things, small things, but one big thing stop giving out automated responses and answers that dont take too much thought process and think on the level of your consumers and proceed to answer the questions at the level that they were asked....ty and happy holidays
because there are duplicate threads on the subject or the thread was not constructive.

They are currently working on the issue and will let everyone know when the issue is taken care of.

(ps .. we have no clue what is happening with the paypal issue, but it is entirely possible it is on PayPal's end and blizzard can't do anything about it)

Pay Pal isnt having an issue, I sell things on ebay also and havent had any issue recieving money thru pay pal, all pay pal is , is a docking station for your funds, when blizzard send you money from their automated system, it is the same as anyone else sending you money its an instant transaction, I havent had any trouble from anyone else's paypal accounts just blizzards, and yes blizzard does a transaction from their own paypal account to yours...you can see it in the details when you look at transactions, if it was a pay pal stand alone issue, i would be having trouble receiving funds from anyone, but that isnt the case......and they arent currently working on the issue, blue posters have even said it may be after the first of the year before the problem is solved, the tickets i have recieved say the same thing....the holidays are being blamed for the "backup" or "delay".

Only thing is, is this problem started well before the holidays, now it may be the cause of it now but it wasnt before and even if it was on pay pals end which in that instance everyone that uses pay pal would have problems recieving money from anyone, not just blizzard, anyway point is, if it was on pay pals end, blizzard could do something about it like emailing or calling pay pal and getting the matter resolved which would only take a couple minutes of being on hold with pay pal, those guys work fast...but that is neither here nor there, and wasnt the point of my post.

My point was stop with the automated responses and maybe reassure people that it will be back up. Stop with the attitude, Blue Posters are doing a customer service job you can not be rude to the customers no matter what the issue is and stop telling people that they cant handle a technical issue on the technical support forums, it is a technical issue, give the people as much information as a person can get and people will stop posting about it, instead of just locking the thread down....some people need reassurance, and some more times than others.
people have a tendancy to blow things out of proportion, and some people do not trust anyone, ecspecially when it comes to money and how hard it is to come by in this economy...I wasnt bashing anyone, just a bit of friendly advice, if you want to keep the face of the company clean and keep people from trash talking the company you just gotta grit your teeth, smile a little wider and answer questions till your brain bleeds and everyone will be happy in the end or at least appear to be

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