Bug killed my HC hero

Bug Report
I was playing with a friend, he as party leader. Act 3, hell, mp0, just now...
Crossing the bridge, and killing everything on the way, I notice he stopped behind as I keep killing stuff. I went back to his spot thinking 'he might had a problem or lag, I better keep it safe'. As I stopped my player by his side (no monster anywhere near), he disappeared from game but I still could see him on mini map, another few seconds it said he logged off.
Then I lagged a few seconds and the game said I lost connection. But instead of appearing on login screen, I was sent straight to player menu, with my char dead.
My friend logged back like 2 min later saying his internet connection froze.
So like this, a party leader's connection freezes and everyone in the party can die for no reason?
I don't mind losing a char very much, BUT I NEED TO BE THE ONE TO BLAME!
To rip off the chance to see my char's death is a huge set back and destroys the whole experience, I just don't get how you can let this kind of bug go live.
Satisfaction as a customer right now: -10

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