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how do i know how much somethings worth,? if i find an item i think might be of some value how would i know how much to ask for without charging too much or too little, please some advice!!!!
This is a very, very complicated question that can take hours and hours to answer. So for the sake of brevity I will tailor it to your situation (that being of a person who just started the game and hasn't hit L. 40).

If you want to skip the explanation here are the essentials below:

1. Use BIN
2. Price Your Item Lower Than The Competition


There are two general ways that you should sell an item in Auction House (AH). Either through the a Buy It Now (BIN) or a direct auction. Stick to a BIN for now as they will generally net you the most amount of money.

Remember there is no intrinsic value in an item. It depends on what the AH marketplace is willing to pay. Generally speaking the consumer will want to pay the least amount of money for the most amount of "value". So the cheapest item wins. You have to price your item below those with similar stats.

Note: Sometimes you have to price it significantly below that as a lot the time the prices are ridiculous and people are just just hoping for one sucker out there to make them rich (I have seen one post where it has happened, but don't count on it). Sometimes you can price your item above the lowest asking price and it will sell too but at your level you probably won't know when this situation arises and it's a rare occurrence so it probably won't happen to you.
thank you very much this was very helpful

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