Did anyone play Perfect World (PWI)

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Was wondering it anyone used to or still does play Perfect World.

Its an MMO, although I have never played WoW, im sure that its similar.

If you have played or still do, what char's did you play, what level's did you get to?

I personally played the Wizard as i enjoy that class the most and got to level 100 with Rank 8 Gear.
Also Im sorta tempted to get back into it...
Mmm tried it, I found it very boring, even when i was playing with friends i knew irl.
I was yawning so hard that the jawbone actually hurt.

It is just another wow clone, with the same old mechanics, and cities with dozens of cars but no way of driving any. And those "cities" are actually little enclosed locations, then there is the quick travel system, eh.
It's not as user friendly as any of the other F2P games out right now. And you can't rebind the keys, I'm left handed and have to use the arrow keys instead of WSAD, so that was a deal breaker for me.

I'd try Allods, Runes of Magic or 4Story, all beter games than PW.
Perfect World Entertainment also makes Forsaken World, which is much better than PW.
One of the less quality asian f2p games out there.

Its progression model,if im not mistaken, is based off quest hubs with repeatable quests. Endgame is EXTREMELY expensive with the cash shop.

Also the game engine is clunky and combat suffers because of it.

Good game if youve never played any other mmorpgs and dont mind spending thousands at endgame or sucking and being excluded if you dont.

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