Is Apoc worth it for my build- based on what

I was thinking of changing some things and adding some apoc to my build. I think the easiest way with the least amount of loss would be to get it on my trium; I don't want to lose the intended vit at cc and socket on my helm for a crow, and my weapon is decent enough that I don't wan to switch it. I would lose probably around 6-7k of vit by swapping trium for one with it worth it for meteor build ? I realize FL and met shower don't proc well but LL stinks and I won't use it :).

Also is Arcane Dynamo better than con flag in my build? For showers would it be 7 meteors at 175% of the meteors at 175%...thanks.
with 3APS + 60cc and using Astral presence for CM/WW 10apoc from offhand is more than enough.

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