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I know this is an issue already but I haven't found a consolidated thread so I created one. I made purchases on the RMAH 2 days ago. The Auction Log has them listed as completed however the items/gold are in the Completed Items section to be claimed. We can not claim our items/gold. I've submitted two tickets which got the auto response:

At this time, the Diablo 3 auction house can experience periods of increased traffic which may cause various delays. Even if you've successfully purchased an item, it can be several minutes before the item appears. On rare occasions, additional review will be necessary, which can take up to approximately 4 days. I appreciate your patience.

This does not address the issue posted. The auction is not under review or processing. It has been processed and is listed as completed. The money from my account is gone already I just have nothing to show for it. Its a lot like being scammed. Here are my order numbers:
Order ID # 1253018168
Order ID # 1253718655
Order ID # 1253719325
Order ID # 1253733857

Here is a link to a few thousand more players posting the same issue:

Please take it seriously and either return our money or deliver our items/gold.
Same here bought gold, showing up as completed but nothing has been delivered. This happened with gold bought on the 23rd. If they don't deliver the gold it is a scam/fraud and I'll have to take appropriate measures. I opened a ticket they said wait 5 days but I know the gold won't be there in 5 days as it is showing to be completely processed.
Same problem. Several orders showing completed but the items are not showing up. To be clear, they are *not* in "processing". They should have been delivered but have not been. I've never had this happen before today.
Same thing with me exactly, it states that it is complete but i cannot claim my gold or even see it mine i purchased at 20th and still isnt getting through but im ganna give just one or two more days because there could be issue due to the holiday time.. Which im hoping is the cause.
Hey Misery^^ I am having the same problem. I started a ticket and they responded with that it is a known issue that they are looking into but have no eta on when it may working. Its been 4 days for me both my paypal and d3 on both on hold. not too sure what is going but it is happenning to a lot of people!
Same... purchased gold more than 72 hours ago... still no gold to show for it.
I now have 2 auctions sold but no money to my paypal either.
Merry Christmas everyone
Having the same problem, thought I could give them the 48 hours they told I should wait, but after those hours still nothing. My order ID is #1252092231. Hope it can get fixed soon...
having same problem since Dec 19th no payment to paypal from sold items in rmah.
same here since Dec. 19
they locked the thread about US not receiving funds from RMAH to PAYPAL
This is seriously tarnishing the already weak reputation I have of blizzard. No response on an ETA. I have time off for christmas, I'd like to spend it playing diablo, not waiting for gold I bought to arrive with no idea when
AH is one big scam seriously.
Same here. Submitted a ticket but they said to wait 5 days (seriously?) and then to post on this forum if I still haven't received it. It doesn't even look like they're responding.
I have a similar problem, but I'm on the receiving end. >.<

States that I have sold an item on RMAH, and shows that it is processing, but the item was in my ended stash and I actually could transfer it back into my own stash. >.<
12/24/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Omrakos
we're working on an issue currently with PayPal users not receiving their funds for sold auctions yet and the status there is the same as far as I know. The appropriate parties have been informed and are aware of the problem. When I hear anything, I'll be sure and pass it on. Until then, repeatedly making posts about it in here isn't helping.

12/24/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Omrakos
No one's going to lose their money for a sold auction, the process is simply being delayed.
It seems to be random, Ive made several purchases over the last week, and the first to go mia was a gold purchase, then after several more successful transactions, and receiving them fine, I get three more in one sitting, so now I am up to 4 orders mia...so much for doing any more shopping until this is fixed!!

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